Sgt. Gerald W. Waxman – 6-10-25 / 6-22-19

Sgt. Gerald W. Waxman known to most as “Jerry” (J.Wax Caricatures) passed away on 06-22-19 at Brookshire Rehabilitation and Nursing Home. Jerry retired from his job at the Houston Chronicle. He then began doing Caricatures in Katy, Houston and surrounding areas.

“Jerry” was known in the Katy area for the caricatures he did them on most everyone he knew.  He was also well known for the giant wood Christmas tree with all the moving parts sitting in the middle of his living room.  If you had the pleasure of knowing Jerry then you knew all the stories he could tell and all the history you ever wanted to know.  He was a very smart and knowledgeable person who loved people.

Born on June 10, 1925.  Jerry is preceded in death by Samuel Waxman (father), Sadye Goldman (mother), Lillian Rubenstein (step-mother), Roger Lewis Waxman (son) and Phyllis Waxman (sister).

Jerry is survived by his wife Dandra Dean Waxman (Dandy), Roslyn Citino (sister). Clifton Waxman (son), Fern Stephanie Waxman (daughter), Dandra (Tina) Roberts/Waxman (daughter), April Martinez (daughter), and John Martinez (son-in-law). Surviving grandchildren are Shannon Waxman, Jeffery Waxman, Abigail, Jakob, Kason Martinez and Robert Wagner. Jerry is also survived by numerous nieces and nephews as well as many friends

Memorial Service will be held on October 17, 2021 at Katy Magnolia Cemetery located at 6801 Franz Road at 2 p.m.