Free English Language Course Offered to Help Katy Residents

A ground-breaking English language class is coming to Katy starting October 7th. The program, EnglishConnect, offers language classes to anyone wanting to improve their written and spoken English. Designed to empower individuals and families, EnglishConnect is offered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has already benefited thousands of participants in countries across the world.

Developing English proficiency can expand opportunities for employment, education, service, and friendship. However, many people in Katy face obstacles to learning English including cost, distance, time, self-doubt, and access. EnglishConnect classes are designed to overcome these barriers. Classes are free, taught in small groups, with home learning assignments. Above all, learning takes place in an atmosphere of fellowship and faith.

Susan Davis, who teaches a class along with her husband Michael, explains the approach they take with their students: “We simply love our students! At the beginning of each class we take just a few minutes to share a thought about faith. We value everything that everybody says, everybody’s thoughts are welcome and valued.”

EnglishConnect can help individuals to significantly improve their prospects and confidence. “We see men and women who have lived here for years finally find the program that is right for them,” says Lucia Gebauer who oversees EnglishConnect in the Katy and Sealy areas. “I have moms in my class who now feel they can confidently go to any grocery store or feel able to speak to their kids’s teachers or go to the doctor’s office without worrying if there is someone there who will be able to speak Spanish. It’s empowering for them.”

The course has a beginners and an intermediate class that each run for 25 weeks. Participants then have the option of progressing to level 3 which is primarily offered online. “EnglishConnect 3 prepares students for university-level English,” says Lucia. “The ultimate goal is to have them earn a degree from Brigham Young University through The Church’s BYU-Pathways program. For someone who is willing to keep persevering and working hard, there really is no limit to what they can accomplish!”

Anyone interested in participating can find out more information by visiting and by attending a Q&A session at 1603 Norwalk Drive at 7pm on October 7th. Classes begin Thursday October 14th at 7pm.

There are around 3,000 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Katy area. The Church has a number of proven courses and programs designed to foster personal growth and self-reliance, including employment and business classes, emotional resilience and family relations courses.