The Harry S. and Isabel C. Cameron Foundation Awards $5,000 to Child Advocates of Fort Bend

Child Advocates of Fort Bend (CAFB) is delighted to be a new grant recipient of The Cameron Foundation, whose support is critical to help fill the funding gap that the agency is experiencing over this 18-month period due to impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The grant award will support the agency’s services for child victims of abuse whose suffering has been met with alarming increases in severity and incidences of abuse since lockdown from the pandemic began. In 2020 during the pandemic, the number of children sexually abused, physically abused, and neglected who were served by Child Advocates of Fort Bend surged 22% and year-to-date, the agency is experiencing increases of 35% over a year ago. “While children were more desperate than ever, we were forced to cancel our in-person fundraising events and experienced a decline in donor giving, which caused a gap in funding and our ability to serve every child victim,” reports Ruthanne Mefford, CEO of Child Advocates of Fort Bend.

Based in Houston, The Cameron Foundation was established in 1966 with a mission “to promote compassionate giving that serves the needs of our community.”