Best Places for Cheap Flats in Pakistan

Pakistanis are pretty traditional in their approach to lifestyle and living and take pride in the land they own. As we are inherently an agricultural society, the attachment to our piece of land comes naturally. Hence, people prefer living in independent, fully established big homes and like to be homeowners. However, with changing times and cities becoming more metropolitan, the need of the hour is to go vertical.

Why go vertical?

With an increase in population and people migrating from surrounding localities, the big cities of Pakistan are experiencing an influx in housing demand. With higher demand, it is pertinent to provide cheaper options and smaller and more manageable houses. This is where flats and apartment buildings come as they offer a perfect solution to many and give a more affordable variety to the resident to choose from.

Sky-high residential towers have started to spring along many areas of Pakistan, highlighting a major cultural shift. At the time of planning their living situation, buyers question whether it is better to buy a flat or a house, and select the option that balances their demands as well as their needs. This blog discusses areas in top three cities of Pakistan where one can buy a flat under 80 Lakhs.

Flats for Sale in Lahor

With its lush green gardens and historic sites from the Mughal era, Lahore has been an established city for many years now. However, in the past couple of decades, Lahore has accelerated into becoming Pakistan’s second most populated city. The population growth has amped up the development in the city as people from nearby areas continue to migrate to the big city of Punjab in hopes of better education, job, lifestyle and opportunities.

Cheaper Living Options 

In order to cater to the ever-growing demand, urban planning has been at the forefront of development projects. Housing schemes are designed around the residents’ needs for better facilities and amenities, focusing on recreational areas, hospitals, schools and commercial centres. These housing schemes are tailored according to the needs of their residents, one of these being cheaper living options. With an increase in population, people want cheaper options with basic amenities to have an inclusive living experience.

With the development of flats and apartments gaining popularity, many new options have surfaced. Flats are an excellent way to cater to this growing demand as they provide cheaper living options and smaller homes. It adds variety for buyers to choose from and go for an option that best suits their budget and goals.

Following are some of the top areas to buy a flat in Lahore:

  • Askari 10 and Askari 11
  • Bahria Orchard
  • Khayaban e Jinnah
  • Khayaban e Amin
  • Gulberg 2 and Gulberg 3
  • DHA Defence Phase 8

Flat Prices in Lahore

Flat prices often vary depending on the number of bedrooms; more bedrooms mean a higher price for flats. Often residents opt for apartments as a temporary option and not a long term home; hence, these flats are often on rent and not for sale. Following is an estimate of the starting price for apartments in the top localities of Lahore:

Locality Price
Askari 10 and Askari 11 33 lakh
Bahria Orchards 28 lakh
Khayaban e Jinnah 58 lakh
Khayaban e Amin 17 lakh
Gulberg 2 and Gulberg 3 17 lakh
DHA Defence Phase 8 88 lakh

Flats for Sale in Karachi

Karachi is one of the oldest metropolitans of South Asia. It may not have a historic culture like Punjab, but it is still rich with culture and heritage. Some of the most prestigious families of Pakistan hail from Karachi, and it is a blend of many communities that have settled in the big city since partition. It is the largest city of Pakistan as well as the most populated. Hence, the lifestyle in the big metropolitan city is slightly different from the other major cities. Karachi enjoys a sizable middle class and working class, one that has continued for generations.

Appealing To a Larger Audience

Housing societies and housing schemes in Karachi are established in such a way as to cater to the demands of the many communities that are established in the city. Karachi is known for its low price apartment buildings that are found scattered across the city. However, over time, apartments and flats with proper building structures and amenities have sprung up. The focus has shifted from making them more functional and safe to intertwining modern features in these apartments that appeal to a larger audience.

Here is a list of the top areas to buy a flat in Karachi, followed by the starting price for these apartments:

  • DHA Defence Phase 5, Phase 6 and Phase 8
  • Bahria Town Apartments and Bahria Precinct 19
  • Clifton Block 2 and Clifton Block 8
  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town and Bahadurabad
  • Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 13, Block 17 and Block 18
  • North Nazimabad Block B, Block H and Block L
Locality Price
DHA Defence Phase 5, Phase 6 and Phase 8 35 lakh
Bahria Town Apartments and Bahria Precinct 19 25 lakh
Clifton Block 2 and Clifton Block 8 70 lakh
Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town and Bahadurabad 22 lakh
Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 13, Block 17 and Block 18 15 lakh
North Nazimabad Block B, Block H and Block L 30 lakh

Flats for Sale in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Islamabad and Rawalpindi are known as the twin cities of Pakistan as they are established side by side. Islamabad was established in the 1960s with the sole purpose of serving as the capital of the country. Its strategic location and urban planning make it the most urbanised city of Pakistan with predesignated residential areas, commercial areas and embassies. The cost of living in Islamabad is very high, yet there is a variety of housing options for residents. Apartments buildings in Islamabad are pretty common and are constructed to provide a high standard of living that considers safety and functionality.

Following are some of the top areas to buy a flat in Islamabad and Rawalpindi along with their prices:

  • E-11/4, E-11/2
  • DHA Defence Phase 2 and Phase 5
  • F-11 Markaz, F-11/1
  • G-11/3, G-11/4
  • Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 4 and Phase 7
Locality Price
E-11/4, E-11/2 22 lakh
DHA Defence Phase 2 and Phase 5 31 lakh
F-11 Markaz, F-11/1 68 lakh
G-11/3, G-11/4 53 lakh
Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 4 and Phase 7 10 lakh

In Conclusion

Based on this data, it is evident that apartment buildings and residential towers are growing in demand. Residents realise the benefits of cheaper home options that are easy to manage rather than investing in bigger homes and permanent establishments. The process of buying a flat is also quite simple and relatively cheaper than buying a home or a plot.