Which New Quarterbacks Will Shine During the 2021 NFL Season? 

The new NFL season is underway, with week one already in the books. However, not everyone is into football yet, but the good news is that now is a perfect time to get stuck in. A great way to get started is including the NFL in other hobbies. This is something that fans of soccer, another globally popular sport, have done in the past, by combining other types of entertainment with the beautiful game.

For example, fans who enjoy gaming will play FIFA or soccer-themed casino games. This is such a popular option that developers have created several titles to cash in on this. For instance, the best online slot sites include games such as Euro Reels and Football: Champions Cup. NFL fans could replicate this by looking to combine their favorite entertainment with NFL-themed options.

For those already gripped by NFL fever, much of the attention goes towards brand new quarterbacks that have entered the league. Here is a look at the quarterbacks to watch this season.

Trevor Lawrence – Jacksonville Jaguars

The first game of the season in Jacksonville featured many individual errors, and this is something the franchise will want to move on from. In Trevor Lawrence, they have a man who may just be able to help them with that.

Lawrence came into the season as a quarterback that many described as being franchise-changing. We saw his arm put to good use, but that did include a number of turnovers throughout the game.

He didn’t run as much as expected, but this is something we will see from him as the season goes on. With that all-important first game under his belt, expect Lawrence to kick on and really shine, showing why so many believe he can go to the top of the game.

Mac Jones – New England Patriots

From the second that Mac Jones was named as the new starting quarterback in New England, comparisons to Tom Brady began. Of the three quarterbacks on this list, Jones came out of the first weekend with the best performance.

He settled in quickly, throwing for 133 yards in the first half, more than the Patriots threw the ball in any first half last season. He also didn’t throw an interception, showing that he was calm and controlled.

That will encourage fans of the Patriots, who will be looking to move forward with Jones under center this season, in the hope that they have found their next quarterback star.

Zach Wilson – New York Jets

Zach Wilson was drafted second overall by the New York Jets during the off-season. Wilson had a mixed day on the field but recovered well in the second half, showing real character, which fans will love.

In the first half, Wilson’s quarterback rating was just 5.9 but changed to 28.8, which still isn’t great but shows the kind of bounce back he had.

Wilson needs to adjust to the speed of the game, in the coming weeks as he was sacked six times and needs to release the ball quicker.