7 Nasty Habits That Can Damage Teeth

Ask any dentist in Turkey, and they’ll tell you that no amount of brushing and flossing will save your teeth if you have bad dental habits. Everyone knows that eating lots of sugary snacks between meals is bad for teeth. But Turkey dental experts are also warning people to avoid certain habits, as they can lead to damage and the premature loss of teeth.

Here are seven of the most damaging habits according to Premium Dental Turkey.

1. Brushing Too Hard or Too Often

Brushing too often or too vigorously can cause damage to teeth. For some people, keeping their teeth clean at all times is an obsession. But brushing in the wrong ways is often counterproductive.

Don’t brush your teeth immediately after eating. Let your mouth cleanse itself for at least an hour, as this process is an important part of breaking down potentially harmful acids. When you do brush your teeth, do so with a soft-bristled toothbrush. And brush gently using wide strokes.

2. Clenching or Grinding Teeth

Turkey dental experts also warn against grinding or clenching teeth. While this is usually done subconsciously, it’s important to train yourself to stop. Over time, grinding your teeth can cause damaged teeth, as well as muscle pain and restricted movement in your jaw.

If you’re clenching or grinding your teeth during sleep, ask your dentist in Turkey about a bite guard.

3. Skipping Turkey Dental Appointments

Your dentist in Turkey can spot the early signs of decay, gum disease or tooth damage — and administer dental procedures that could save your teeth. But this is only possible if you attend your regular, preventative check-ups. Don’t wait until you’re experiencing pain or you’ve damaged your teeth before you visit your dentist. You should be having a check-up at least once every six months.

4. Biting Your Nails

According to the American Dental Association, biting your nails regularly can lead to “jaw dysfunction” and tooth damage. This is because biting nails requires your jaw to be in a protruding position for long periods. The ADA also warns that nail-biting can lead to chipped teeth. If you’re struggling with this bad habit, try applying transparent nail varnish. Every time you put a finger in your mouth, the foul taste should remind you to stop.

5. Smoking

Smoking tobacco — or even chewing it — can cause premature damage to your teeth and gums. Regular tobacco use leads to a range of dental issues, such as dry mouth, tooth decay, bad breath and cancer. Indeed, a lot of the people with dental implants in Turkey have them because of tooth-loss related to smoking.

6. Chewing Ice

A lot of dentists in Turkey have to deal with cracks and chips because of ice chewing. Fresh ice is exceptionally hard and solid, and it can easily cause broken teeth and fillings. If you’re struggling to stop this bad habit, try drinking from a straw.

7. Generally Misusing Your Teeth

Premium Dental Turkey deals with many cosmetic dental problems caused by the misuse of teeth. Opening bottles, tearing packaging or using your teeth as a vice can cause cracks, chips and loose teeth. Never use your teeth as a tool; they’re for eating food, and nothing else.

Premium Dental Turkey can reverse many of the consequences of bad dental habits. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements with an experienced dentist in Turkey.