Does AC have anything to do with the health of your family?

Air conditioning gives you and your family a lot of comforts that allow you to combat the intense summer heat in a way that allows you to sleep better, work more comfortably or maintain an atmosphere of well-being inside your home.

However, there has been a debate for years on how air conditioning may affect your health in a good and a bad way.

Air conditioning companies such as Ice Blast, which is located on Sunshine Coast, Australia, believe that the best practice is to maintain your home temperature between 24-25 degrees. In general, it is not recommended that the indoor temperature is below 20 or that it does not exceed 27 degrees.

Also, the air conditioner should not get to the body directly as the continued exposure to it can lead to muscle and even bone disorders.

What are the air conditioning advantages for the health of your family?

Reduces high humidity

Air conditioning reduces humidity and living in a house without high humidity is much healthier because normally it is related to mites, mould and heatstroke. Even when there are other ways to keep cool, having an air conditioning system is the best way to reduce high humidity.

Decrease work stress

When you work, especially if you work from home and you have the power of doing something regarding the temperature, you want to be comfortable as the last thing you need is added stress from your home’s temperature.

Thanks to the air conditioning, you can have a good working environment and work more comfortably medium term.

Did you know that having conditioning reduces the number of insects and parasites at home? But how does it work? You can create a cool atmosphere for those insects that prefer a warm climate and also you will be cooling our body temperature so that you are less desirable to mosquitoes.

Reduces asthma attacks

For those who suffer from asthma, their home should always be safe and have the cleanest air possible. Thanks to air filters, air conditioning reduces the chances of asthma attacks.

Do not forget to change or clean the air filters, otherwise, you will be transporting the dirt from the air conditioning to your home. It is important to clean the air filters in 30 to 60 days. In this way, by filtering dirty air that may contain dust mites, pollutants or allergens you will achieve the best air quality at home ver.

Aircon helps you to sleep better

Have you imagined that air conditioning helps you sleep better? Well, the best way to keep a comfortable and cool sleep is to have an air conditioner.

Just imagine trying to sleep with really hot weather, blankets and sweat. Using your air conditioner at night lowers our body temperature to achieve more restful and fresh sleep.

Contains mold growth

Without air conditioning, your room can get humid. Which helps make your room susceptible to mold. The health benefit of air conditioning is to preserve a dry atmosphere and make any traces of mold disappear.

Improves your life quality

Having to deal with extreme temperatures at home can make you angry. Keeping a room with fresh air will help you have a happier home. Instead of complaining about the heat, you can be at home so happy with your air conditioning and a comfortable temperature.

Improves air quality

Keep the clean are at home is so important for many reasons.

First of all, it improves respiratory health. A healthy environment helps to combat allergy symptoms and asthmatic conditions in the short and medium-term. as the air in homes contains most of the time contains toxic particles that may affect the immune system.

Also, it allows you to enjoy the time with your family more. Keep in mind that we all have a common home space dedicated to our care, our well-being and to share with the family. For this reason, it is important to make it the cleanest space possible, to breathe fresh air.

Remember that it is also essential to feel comfortable at home and breathing fresh and clean air helps alleviate stress and anxiety. Clean air also promotes rest as the air we breathe while we sleep influences our quality of sleep and, therefore, our daily life and our ability to concentrate.

Finally, it contributes to the elimination of toxins accumulated in our bodies.

What are the health consequences of bad use of your air conditioner?

When you use the air conditioner in the wrong way there could be serious consequences, especially when it comes to health.

Sudden changes in temperature

For example, sudden temperature changes when entering a refrigerated room from the street or vice versa can cause colds, colds, pharyngitis, rhinitis, asthma attacks, coughs, headaches, and of course this will affect your respiratory conditions.

Sick building syndrome

The term sick building syndrome is used to describe when the occupants of a building experience sickness and discomfort attributed to poor indoor quality.

This means that if the facilities are not properly maintained, for example, if you do not clear the filters and the ducts regularly, it can have repercussions on your health. So much that it can lead to diseases that can even be fatal.


The air conditioning tends to reduce the humidity of the environment which is great, but you also have to take some preventive measures. The fact of being at a lower temperature tends to reduce the feeling of thirst. That is why it is important to combat dehydration by drinking plenty of water, even in conditioned places.

Remember that caring about your health and your family is your responsibility, air conditioning has great advantages only if you use it properly.