How Has the Private Jet Industry Adapted to the Pandemy

The covid-19 pandemic brought us a new reality, completely different from what we were used to, and the flying industry was no different. With airports and commercial flights closed or canceled, the new experience for those who needed to travel for both tourism and work was focused on the world of private jets.


With all this change, the companies that own this product saw an opportunity, being able to go beyond expensive flights, opening up to a greater number of customers, and creating cheap private jet flights. Today, we will investigate and try to understand a little more about this subject.

The Beginning of The Uncertainty Times of Aviation

As mentioned earlier, one path that has led to the increase in new passengers in the private jet charter segment was the frequent decrease in regular airline operations during the pandemic.

We can take into account that while commercial aviation numbers are still 40% below normal pre-pandemic, the number of flights by private jets has increased by more than 12% from pre-covid 19 levels – a trend that, according to projections, will increase, thanks to the demand for leisure and business travel throughout the year. So all those who still need to travel – or simply want to – prefer and continue to trust, opting for the particularity and comfort of private flights.

Consumer Change

Ranging from domestic, commercial, or work to leisure flights, the growing number of first-time and non-first-time passengers have learned that investing in their comfort and safety is the most important thing. For this reason, today, private aviation is no longer considered a luxury, but a standard to be followed and desired for everyone’s comfort, being the only possible solution for those who need a reliable travel option.

The New Security Standard has Changed for the Better

Of course, you don’t have to turn completely around, and at all times, to private jets. Air travel, whether you like it or not, is still the safest mode of transport known to date.

But, with fewer points of contact, a controlled cabin, and private boarding, the process of flying a private jet has attracted and continues to attract thousands of customers thanks to the lower risk of infection.

So, no matter how you travel, make the choice that will best fit what you want and need.