How To Win Over Your Ex: 4 Proven Tips

Breaking up a bond so beautiful and deep with the one you love is painful and frustrating; it completely shatters your mind and soul, making the process of moving on pretty challenging and tough to handle. This can result in your mental health being destroyed and you being vulnerable to the world around you. However, if you feel regret over your relationship ending the way it did, and you can’t move on no matter what you try, then maybe you should try to patch things up with your ex.

Leaving is seldom a good choice; sometimes, little fights escalate into major ones and end up leaving both you and your partner with a sour feeling resulting in most breakups. After you get some time to think with a cooler head, you might realize your mistake and want to make amends. However, if you’ve left for a good reason, then you shouldn’t pursue the matter anymore. This is especially necessary if your ex is an abuser, manipulator, or drug addict who drags you down. However, if this isn’t the case and you observe that your ex is feeling the same regret and does not want to let you go too, then it’s better to forgive all the mistakes and get back together since a relationship becomes stronger when it survives the fights.

After all, all beautiful relationships are built on mutual compromise, forgiveness, and healing. So even if getting your ex back takes a lot of effort, it’s better than living the rest of your life regretting that you let your soulmate go away so easily. To help, this article will give you some tips to help win back your ex.

  1. Have a Positive Energy

The best thing to do to attract your ex back to you is to be happy all the time. Since everyone craves positive energy in their partners, you need to make sure you are the light that brightens everyone’s lives. For instance, most of the time, a relationship ends because you become too possessive to the extent that you start intoxicating their lives by always fighting and passing sarcastic comments.

Spreading happy and positive vibes will not only increase your value among people, especially your ex but will also help you stave off mental breakdowns, anxiety, and depression. This way, you can choose happiness over sadness and make the process of evolving much easier. In addition, stopping yourself from overthinking and vibing with your friends will help your ex realize how much they need you and your positive energy to make living easier for them. After all, nothing’s more attractive than self-care. So, be sure to make yourself happy.

  1. Change Yourself for Them

Another way to win over your ex back is to start evolving yourself to what your partner always complained about. Generally, girls are more empathetic; they need you to display your affection and make an effort to let them know they mean to you. However, before trying to get back with your ex-girlfriend, as advised at, you need to understand why she dumped you in the first place. There are a few things that you have neglected before, like saying I love you, texting her first, complimenting her, giving her gifts, etc.; this may be the reason why she lost her attraction to you. Therefore, if you improve yourself, it might directly impact her heart and tempt her to get back with you again.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Friendship with Them

If you don’t want to give up on your ex, then the best way to get them back to a relationship is to remain friends for a certain time until they realize that they cannot spend their lives without you. Staying just friends will also help you bond with each other and miss the memorable time you both had spent together.

  1. Stop Trying to Force a Relationship on Them

To win your ex back, you need to stop forcing a relationship on them and let them decide on their own. This will not only make them realize your importance in their lives but will also make them value you. You will have to stop using the following ways to make them realize your actual value;

  • Crying in front of them.
  • Pleading them to the extent that you lose self-respect.
  • Begging their close friends to make them realize your value.
  • Fighting with them for mistakes they don’t want to admit.
  • Messaging them and calling them again and again misunderstandings.
  • Forgiving them for things they never even apologized for.
  • Displaying unconditional love when they are making insensitive comments at your expense.

Forgiving your ex-lovers is not easy; however, if you think your love was real and something worth fighting for, then you should at least try once more to get them back so that you don’t regret anything. Remember that getting them back is not about sacrificing your self-respect, but apologizing for your mistakes and promising to do better.