Looking To Hire A Lawyer? Here Are The Qualities To Look For

There are a lot of factors and qualities that make up a good lawyer. It’s more than about their knowledge of the law, it’s also about other things such as their conduct, their communication skills, and their integrity as a person. As there are so many qualities to consider, finding a lawyer can be a bit tricky.

When it comes to finding a lawyer, most people focus on a lawyer’s track record. While this is necessary, that’s not the only factor you should think about. If you want to find the best lawyer, then here are some of the important qualities that they need to have.


Let’s get this out of the way first. The best lawyers are those that have years worth of experience as a professional. This isn’t to say that those who’ve recently passed the bar are not good lawyers. It’s just that those with experience are easier to rely on especially for complex cases.

Experience isn’t just about the number of cases they’ve won. It’s also about the school and the internships that helped hone them. If a lawyer manages to stay for a long time in the industry, then that only means that their services are well-worth it.

Speaking And Listening Skills

Being a lawyer is also about being a communicative person. A lawyer that speaks and listens well can help you win cases as much as those with decades worth of experience. This is an often overlooked quality of good lawyers but that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

If you think about it, the courtroom revolves around communication. It’s about listening to objections, testimonies, and discrepancies in statements. It’s also about speaking your mind and conveying your arguments in front of the jury, judge, and another well-trained professional.

Without good communication skills, lawyers will struggle inside the courtroom. As per legal experts from Parnall Law Firm, you can easily determine a lawyer’s communication skills upon meeting them. How well do they carry themselves? Are they able to fully comprehend your situation? These are just some of the questions you need answered.

Research And Investigative Skills

People often think that a lawyer’s only job is to defend his or her client. However, it’s far from that. Lawyers are also basically tasked with uncovering the truth behind the case. Although this isn’t a part of the job description, good lawyers will need to connect the dots in testimonies pretty easily.

Without research and investigative skills, lawyers will be left with nothing but textbook knowledge during court hearings. They need to have the will and the drive to do research and investigations on their own to discover what’s real and what’s not behind testimonies.


Court hearings can be very unpredictable. It’s a chess game to say the least. Lawyers need to anticipate the move of the other party. On the other hand, they must also have the ability to adapt to the situation or question that can be thrown at them, out of the blue.

Resiliency is one of the most important qualities that a lawyer should have. All of the things they bring to court shouldn’t always be planned. The other party could throw a curveball that can disorient or confuse any lawyer that’s unprepared. With a resilient lawyer though, adapting to the situation can take mere seconds.


Lawyers need to be aggressive and tenacious. They need to be able to defend their client without any second thoughts. Tenacity also brings out the confidence in lawyers which of course, is very important because in most cases, lawyers need to face off against others in the view of others.

Tenacity also allows lawyers to pounce at every opportunity that is presented to them which is not easy to come by in the field of law.

Analytical Skills And Common Sense

Truth be told, court hearings aren’t just about who knows the law better. As we’ve said, it’s a chess match that involves a lot of analysis and critical thinking. Lawyers are smart people but there are those who take the time to hone their ability to analyze situations and then turn things towards their favor.

Why common sense? Lawyers should have this because without common sense, they’ll struggle with simple problems that have easy solutions.

Finding a lawyer is easy. It’s finding one who’s competent and very skilled that’s hard. There are millions of lawyers you can contact but one that has these qualities is the one you should be looking for. Hopefully, this guide helps direct you to the lawyer that you need.