Reasons to Automate Roofing Deductibles Payments

A great deal of properties have home insurance nowadays. At least 86% of U.S. homeowners have a type of insurance in place regarding their property. While it is not required by law, home insurance is a prerequisite of having a marriage and it is a very valuable asset when it comes to protecting property.

About 1 in every 20 insured homes filed a claim last year (2020) — and 80% of those claims had to do with structural damage, property repairs due to wind, hail, or fire, and roof maintenance. The rest, that left-over, 20% had to do with theft.

All those numbers indicate that home insurance owners are a huge chunk of the market. A chunk of contractors must adapt their business to.


One of the biggest issues when it comes to home insurance policies and the subsequent claims is deductibles. Depending on what type of agreement the policy-owner has with their company, the deductible might either be small or the equivalent of a financial kidney punch. Most homeowners that need large repairs are hard-pressed to meet deductibles — and until that amount isn’t paid, the insurance company won’t start meeting payments.

This negotiation, between homeowners and their insurance company regarding deductibles, ends up creating payroll problems, overhead issues, and headaches with suppliers. Why? Because the project and its financing are stalled while finer details regarding deductibles are hashed out. In many cases, contractors often lose or forfeit a contract due to these negotiations and the continued back and forth.

Oftentimes, the contract can’t even be materialized because homeowners lack the amount needed for the deductible. Constructors losing a job on account of this issue.

Deductibles, the insurance company, the homeowner, and you.

The traditional way of financing a roof replacement, using a homeowners insurance company is:

  • A contractor is hired by the owner or refereed by the insurance company.
  • The contractor puts in a detailed estimate regarding costs.
  • The bid is analyzed by the client and the insurance company.
  • An investigator is sent out by the insurance company, if they see fit, to evaluate the bid and damages.
  • The bid is approved.
  • The policy-owner gets a bill which they have to settle up regarding the deductible.
  • The insurance company won’t start releasing funds for the project until the owner settles their deductible with the constructor.

 Who is in charge of the deductible?

Well, to a certain degree, everyone. The homeowner has to pay it, the insurance company has to make sure it’s paid, the roofer has to file and receive it.

The issue stands that most homeowners have problems meeting their financial responsibilities regarding deductibles. In which case, they either try to get a loan, max out their credit cards, or, worse, they hire a disreputable contractor that’s willing to wiggle the estimate to absorb the deductible— How does a contractor do this? By buying subpar materials and billing them as high-quality with a huge overhead.

Reasons to automate your deductibles

All parties stay informed

Automating deductibles allows everyone – insurance company, contractor, homeowners, to stay informed. Each party is working off the same system and contract management platform. The software informs the team of any changes in the agreement or at what point of the contract’s life cycle they are now on.

Fast Income Monitoring

An app or platform like Fund My Deductible gives roofers real-time supervising capabilities. They allow them to have greater control over their investments, their revenues, and their expenditures.


One of the biggest benefits of such apps is that all parties have updated tracking on all operations regarding a project’s contract and finances. It gets them precise information regarding their contract and its fulfillment — every stage of the way.

No endless paperwork and applications

An app or platform does everything for you. Roofers and clients won’t have to switch between different applications or sheets to maintain control over their project — now everything is done, automatically and with proprietary tech, straight from one application.

Flexible Payment Options

The biggest value deductible automation apps have for clients and contractors is the fact that it allows them to handle the issue of deductibles in a manner that suits everyone’s financial plan. Roofers can fund their client’s deductibles — giving them more flexible rates and payment schedules while also staying within the margins of the law.

Deductible automation apps give roofers the ability to not only help their clients out financially, and be able to accept more contracts, but also the incredible functionality of automating their workload — of meeting responsibilities, of signing off on the paperwork, on coming to grips with suppliers, of having greater control over a contract’s life-cycle.