15 Last-minute Gift Ideas Under $50

If you are running on a tight budget during the holiday season but have a never-ending list of friends and family to buy gifts for, this gift guide is ideal for you. Check out our comprehensive list of 15 last-minute gift ideas under $50 that are suitable for all occasions.

For The Foodie

From food coupons and free meals to gift baskets and breakfast in bed, treat the food lover in your life with thoughtful gifts without going over your budget!

Fruit Arrangements

For special people who deserve to be gifted something unique, choose fresh fruit Gift boxes and baskets from Edible Arrangements, available for under $50. You can shop for chocolate-dipped fruits like strawberries, pineapples, etc, or get custom-made fruit bouquets that are just as beautiful as floral arrangements but certainly more edible!

Electric Popcorn Maker

Be it for a sleepover with friends, a family movie night, or just a relaxing Friday night with Netflix – fresh Popcorn is a must-have. Get your loved ones their very own electric popcorn maker, available for $20 at Target.

Breakfast Gift Box

Any food enthusiast knows the importance of a good breakfast! Shop for a Breakfast Gift Box available for $20 at Stonewall Kitchen, comprising pancake and waffle mix, blueberry jam, maple syrup, coffee, and a balloon whisk.

For The Book Lover

As content as a book lover might be with being gifted a new book, there are many last-minute book-themed gift ideas that will bring them equal (if not more) joy!

First Edition Book Cover Art Print

Granted, getting the first edition of a book is not an under $50 gift idea, but you can frame the first edition book cover as an art print to surprise your bookworm friend. Add a hint of personal touch with a scribbled note in the back and you are good to go.

Oversized Sweatshirt With A Book Quote

If there is anything that a bookworm loves more than reading is being cozy while reading. Get them an oversized sweatshirt with a quote from their favorite book, and you will make their day! You can easily find book-themed sweatshirts under $50 at Etsy, Target, Amazon, etc.

Scented Jar Candles

Speaking of cozy, scented candles are the best way to create the perfect ambiance in a reading nook. Find scented Jar Candles in Mahogany, Coffee, French Lavender, etc for your book lover friend at Bath & Body Works, Etsy, and even Walmart.

For The Techie

Finding gifts under $50 for a tech-enthusiast might seem unrealistic, but it’s not! You can find a bunch of cool tech gear that can contribute to their smart lifestyle without exceeding your budget.

Smart Speaker

In a world where smart speakers are becoming as common as smartphones, spending less than $50 on one has become feasible. Get your friends the latest Alexa Echo Dot, available for $39.99 at Amazon, and let them unlock the experience of controlling a smart home, music, and news on the go, and much more.

Streaming Stick For TV

Surprise your friends with the gift of unlimited entertainment in the form of a Roku 4K HD Streaming Stick, available for $39 at Amazon. Stream free TV, live news, more than 500,000 movies, and TV Shows across thousands of channels.

Wireless Headphones

Be it the gamer, the video editor, or the music lover – a good pair of wireless headphones are a need for most. Grab your friend a pair from Skullcandy, Sony, JBL, etc, covering great features like active noise cancellation, 12+ Hours battery life, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and much more.

For The Minimalist

Finding the perfect gift is stressful as it is, added the pressure of finding something for your minimalist friend – the process becomes downright overwhelming However, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Minimalists treasure simple things that serve a purpose and add quality to their lives. Check out some examples below:

Reusable Smart Notebook

With Reusable Smart Notebooks, available at $32.93 only, your friends can digitize their notes by syncing to popular cloud services like Google Drive, iCloud, etc. The notebooks work with erasable ink and become brand new when put in a microwave.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Carrying a reusable water bottle is perfect for the minimalist as it reduces waste. Hydro Flasks are perfect for keeping your drinks cool for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Starting as low as $29.95, these bottles are dishwasher safe and easily portable.

Indoor Plants

Having too many plants might not be their lifestyle, but adding one or two indoor plants to a minimalist’s living space can really brighten up the room. You can get self-watering planters or hanging planters to accompany your plant gift.


For The Fashionista

For friends who like to be glamorous even when they get ready for bed, here is a collection of gifts perfect for the fashionistas in your group.

Faux Fur Scuff Slippers

Creating the perfect balance between comfort and fashion, faux fur scuff slippers are a must-have for every fashionista’s closet. You can find these in multiple colors, patterns, and animal prints at Amazon, Madewell, Victoria’s Secret – all under $50 only!

Vintage Sunglasses

Sunglasses have the power to elevate any outfit from boring to fabulous within seconds. Stick to the classic all-black look or choose between fun summer colors, all under $50 only. You can get 80s inspired vintage sunglasses in cat-eye, rounds, rectangles, etc from Shein, Etsy, and similar stores.

Store Gift Cards

Treat your friends and family to the best deals from their favorite brands in the form of a loaded gift card! Gift cards are the perfect last-minute gift idea because you can get instant delivery and your loved ones can pick out exactly what they love without spending a dime.



And there you have it, 15 last-minute gift ideas under $50 that go perfectly well with any occasion. So start checking off items from your shopping list now because these last-minute gift ideas are perfect for shopping without burning a hole in your wallet.