SwissAllianceFX: The Safest Online Trading Platform

While you are investing in online trading, you are risking your money. Therefore, safety concern is an important thing that you need to evaluate before choosing a trading platform. For excellent client services and advanced technology, SwissAllianceFX has already achieved a remarkable international reputation. However, when it comes to safety, SwissAllianceFX can be the best solution for you for several reasons. This article helps you to understand why you must consider SwissAllianceFX for your safe journey in online trading.

Demo Account:

Initially, you might try to test your knowledge and skills before risking your money. SwissAllianceFX understands your concern and offers a demo account for you. You can use this account through demo funds and this account will serve as a live trading account. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about real trades and to understand the forex market. Besides having real-time quotes, indicators and oscillators will be accessible on your chart. Through this demo account, you can understand how the trading platform of SwissAllianceFX, WebTrader works. This account also helps you to test different types of strategies and gather knowledge about real-time trading without losses.

Account Verification With SwissAllianceFX:

SwissAllianceFX carefully considers account verification to eliminate fraudulent activities and to keep the trading platform safe for all the clients. Therefore, if you want to open a trading account with SwissAllianceFX, you will have to submit certain documents to prove your identity and place of residence. The activation of your account will be done after the verification of your information. SwissAllianceFX understands the importance of the safety of your personal data. So, this trading company securely encrypts and protects all your provided data.

In order to approve your identity, you will have to provide documents such as a photo of your driving license, a photo of your identity card or passport, and a Foreigner Registration Card or residence permit. To confirm your residential place, you will have to submit a photo of your utility bills and a photo of the bank statement or any official document that confirms your address for over three months. You will have to provide good quality and high-resolution photos for your documents.

Islamic Account:

If you are a Muslim and if you want to follow the principles of Islamic law regarding banking activity, SwissAllianceFX provides an opportunity for you to create an Islamic account. In order to follow Islamic law, you will try not to trade on swap or interest incurring accounts. For this reason, an Islamic account serves as a swap-free or interest-free account type. However, you will still be able to enjoy all other account types with the same trading conditions and same spreads.

The closing time of all transactions in the Islamic account is at 22:00:00 GMT and it will reopen at 22:00:01 GMT. In SwissAllianceFX, for this Islamic account, you do not have to violate Sharia law and pay any fees.

For these above opportunities, you can start your journey with a demo account without risking your money and you can rely on the company for the protection of your provided information. For those who are Muslims, an Islamic account is a great opportunity to start online trading.