Consumption of Sugary drinks and fried food may lead to cardiac arrest

With the advent of the Internet and excess computerization, the general work nature of people is becoming more stagnant as more people are getting used to sitting at one place and doing the work. The sudden outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic has lead to further lying back at home and doing the work as most of the offices have got shifted to work from home. The situation is true for playing casino games also. With the use of Smartphone becoming popular, more people have started playing casino games from their Smartphone as there is no need to go outside for this. While working from home or sitting doing office work, there is a general tendency of having fried foods and cold drinks by ordering it from outside.

People doing such things must be careful about two things. First, these fried food and sugary drinks are not good for health as they can become the cause of heart attack or cardiac failure in the long run. Secondly, keeping with the trend, many online casino websites have come into the market and not all of them are genuine. Many have developed a bad track record of duping the players’ money and some make extraordinary delay in making the payments. Hence you must verify from various reviews which particular online casino site is genuine and has got good betting systems. If the betting system provided by the online casino website is good, then the chance of winning the game will be more and you will also get your payment on time.

But one should always be careful of the fried foods and sugary drinks as a direct association with cardiac attack has been found in medical research. It has been found that one out of seven people in the world die out of cardiac failure. On the other hand, people who are used to Mediterranean diet are exposed to low risk of cardiac failure and are expected to lead a long, normal life.

The concept of Mediterranean diet includes a large variety of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, low fat dairy, unsaturated fat and a large variety of proteins.

The researchers also found five dietary patterns among people:

The pattern of convenience: In this dietary pattern people mostly prefers pizza, pasta and Mexican and Chinese food.

The pattern of plant-based: People who are more inclined to this pattern consume lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, yogurt, fish and chicken.

The sweets pattern: This pattern mainly consists of high portions of chocolate, dessert, candy as well as sugary cereal.

The Southern concept: The Southern diet pattern includes fried foods, processed and organ meats, sweetened drinks and eggs.

The salad and alcohol pattern: Those who prefer to follow this pattern intake lot of leafy green vegetables, dressings, tomatoes and above all alcoholic drinks.

Mediterranean pattern

People who follow this diet pattern enjoy much healthier life. This diet mainly includes eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, breads, herbs, legumes, potatoes, whole grains, spices, fish, seafood and also extra virgin olive oil.This diet plan suggests eating poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt moderately. As per Mediterranean diet one should avoid consuming red meat, processed meat, refined grains, refined oils and Sugar-sweetened beverages.According to many researchers all participants had shown some portion of inclinations to each pattern but they are generally adhered more to some of these five patterns compared to others patterns. For example if an individual has maximum preference for the Southern pattern he can still follow some plant-based diet pattern but to a much lesser degree.

As per study reports the participants who mostly adhered to the Southern dietary pattern has shown a 46% higher risk of sudden death by cardiac attack than those who adhered to it minimum. Researchers noted that the Mediterranean diet which was mainly followed by people in countries including Italy and Greece back in 1960 was one of the main reasons why these people were remarkably healthy in comparison to Americans and had a low risk of cardiac failure alongside other lifestyle diseases.In order to improve one’s diet by eating a plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains such as the Mediterranean diet — and consuming less fried foods, processed meats and organ meats which are classified as Southern-style dietary pattern may help to reduce one’s risk for sudden cardiac death.

Keeping in view of the positive effects of Mediterranean diet, many people have shifted to this system.  Lots of people are adding the vegan diet in their system to keep good health. They are adding more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. It has been found that people who have been following this diet are free from cardiac arrest in their lifetime. But not all are following this route as many people also prefer eating fried food and sugar related drinks and this will lead them to cardiac arrest. Life is a one term affair and people should take care of it.

Promoting dietary change

Experts believe that both clinicians and the government should play an important role in improving people’s diet. Medical professionals should speak to patients about their diet plans at every possible occasion. Although nutrition science has also become more advanced in what is known to be a healthy diet in order to prevent chronic disease, the message does not always reach the patients.

Just as doctors ask patients about smoking and exercise habits they should also ask about their diet patterns during every regular check-up, and suggestions must be offered to improve that.

Government can also help to reduce the consumption of foods which are not considered healthy, by imposing higher taxes on food items like sugar-sweetened beverages.

Besides that, the government should also consider providing incentives for following a more healthy diet. This may include discount health insurance premiums for consuming healthy food, just as the non-smokers are offered incentives. Certainly this would involve the approval of the insurance companies more than the government, incentivizing healthy diet habits is an area we should focus on.