Complying With Yacht Window Tinting Laws in Florida

As the boat windows have direct exposure to sunlight and humidity, they are at a greater risk of corrosion. One of the best ways to protect the windows of boats is by applying a tint on the window. The window tint is a highly effective strategy to increase the lifetime of yacht windows. Whenever window tinting is done, make sure it complies with the Window tinting laws in Florida. Before discussing the Florida laws and benefits of window tinting, let’s discuss how to tint boat windows.

Yacht Window Tinting

Yacht window tinting is an amazing way to protect the windows of boats. A thin film of tint or glass coating is applied to the yacht windows in this tinting technique. You can get tinting in boat windows by yourself or by a professional. People who want to tint their windows themselves often want to know how to tint boat windows. To do tinting, you need to clean all the windows and squeeze them. Then, apply a thin film of tint by cutting the glass properly. Protect yacht windows from fades and corrosion by applying a tint on them.

Window Tinting Laws To be Considered While Applying Tint in Florida

Whenever you plan to choose a boat window tint, you should check the compliance of your tint with the state’s tinting laws. Despite having many yacht window tinting films, Florida’s regulations allow only the specific ones in the state. Choosing the right tint according to the rules and regulations of Florida on yachts will save you time. It will protect you from any legal troubles of changing in case of any non-compliance. The following are some window tinting regulations that you need to follow in Florida.

Visibility at Captains View

You should consider the prime factor while doing boat window tint is its visibility from the captain’s view. This law is very important to follow to protect and prevent your yacht from an accident. According to this, the area of the boat in which the captain sits must have a window of a lighter shade. It should not be dark enough to reduce outside visibility for the captain in darkness. In Florida, windows at captains view cannot be tinted more than 30% to retain light visibility for safe navigation of the yacht.

Window Tint Selection

There is a need to select the window tint before moving ahead. According to Florida window tinting laws, it’s better to choose light window tints. Because darker and dyed tint films can reduce window visibility. In other words, you should choose light tints to allow visible light to pass through them. Besides the selection, there are certain medical exemptions for window tinting. You should also check those exemptions before applying a thin tint.

Sticker Window Tinting Requirements

Along with considering the color and thickness of the tint to make the window visible, you should also fulfill the sticker requirement of boat window tint. Some boaters love to put stickers on the yacht window to protect the windows from harmful UV rays. But doing so is not legally allowed in some countries. That’s why you need to make sure that stickers are legally allowed or not before putting them on. However, you can place tinting stickers on the inner side of the yacht window at the captain’s side.

After reading these laws, you might be thinking about some sort of certification. Well! There is no particular certification that boaters need to have for tinting yacht windows from tint film manufacturers. You only need to have the window tint in compliance with Florida laws of yacht tinting. Experience the creative tinting on the yacht window.

Violation of Florida Yacht Window Tinting Laws

Boaters often ignore the compliance of yacht window tinting laws by thinking about how someone can estimate the visibility and darkness of tint. If you are thinking the same, you must know that there are some VLT (Visible Light Transmission) meters to detect the reflectiveness and darkness of window tint. When a window tint is found to be more than 30% dark, a heavy fine is charged to the boat owner. It depicts that Florida is very conscious about enforcing laws in tinting windows to make boating safe.

In short, you need to tint your window to stop their exposure to harmful sunlight but within terms and conditions of Florida laws. Doing boat window tinting according to laws will make your windows beautiful and protect you and your boat. Feel free to have any kind of window tint on your boat that is legally allowed in your state.