How non-smokers can consume cannabis

Are you new to cannabis and are concerned about smoking it, so you want to know what other options are available for you? Are you a non-smoker wanting to try out marijuana but don’t know how to do this without smoking?

These days, those who want to consume marijuana are no longer just smoking the herb. There are now so many different options out there for those who are non-smokers it can be difficult to choose just one. With the advancement in technology and the ever-growing industry, there has been so much room for experimentation, new products to be developed, and retail outlets to buy them all. Places like Smoke Cartel, available through this link, offer a litany of products catered for newbies and non-smokers alike.

The cannabis market has grown incredibly large because of this and now new users are also looking for different ways to consume their cannabis too. If you are a non-smoker looking to find a way to consume cannabis, here are a few options to try out.

Apply It

Marijuana, although still something that has a negative stigma around it, is slowly becoming more and more widely accepted, especially for those who use it for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has been used medicinally for centuries now, and people are starting to understand why.

A common way for people to make use of cannabis or marijuana to help relieve pain and inflammation is the use of topicals. Essentially these are gels, creams, or even ointments that can be applied directly to the area that is in pain or inflamed. This is a great use for those who don’t want to smoke or want a more targeted effect.

Acne is also something that has recently made its way into the marijuana industry and these days many businesses are starting to sell acne care products that contain cannabis. This is because of just how good marijuana is at treating inflammation and pain.

Eat It

By far, one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis these days is through edibles. These days, people have become a lot more health-conscious and are trying to avoid any of the health risks and damage that smoking can cause. Edibles are food that have been infused with cannabis, or even just concentrates of the compounds within the plant such as THC and CBD.

Many people know edibles to be brownies, but nowadays the variety of choices is incredible. For those who aren’t interested in baked goods, there are things such as candies, drinks, and so much more to choose from.

Edibles are great for those looking to feel much stronger effects. Typically, when having edibles, it will take much longer for you to feel anything but it is well worth it when you do feel something.

Ingest It

As mentioned earlier, marijuana has been used for medicinal reasons for a very long time, but these days, they have made it just a little more convenient for their customers to get what they need.

For those who are making use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, you could try out capsules. One of the best things about these is that they allow you to have a controlled and exact dosage. Another pro of capsules for medicinal use is that it feels a bit more like medication rather than just a fun pastime.

Just a drop

Last but not least we have tinctures. These are typically not very social ways to consume marijuana and again a fantastic way for those using it for medicinal purposes to consume cannabis. Tinctures are concentrated drops that you place under the tongue and are usually flavored.

They are incredibly beneficial because of just how fast-acting they are. This is by far the fastest way to consume and feel the effects of your marijuana. When making use of tinctures, you will feel a similar effect to that of smoking a joint.

Many people choose to make use of tinctures because of just how fast-acting they are. Another benefit of tincture is that you can control your dosage and even get a recommended amount from a doctor or licensed vendor that will be suitable for you.

There are so many different ways in which one can consume marijuana so don’t be worried if you are a non-smoker and don’t want to smoke a joint.