US Athletes to Watch at The Olympics

The biggest sporting event in the world is just around the corner as the Olympics prepares to get underway, whilst there has been some last minute changes that will see no fans allowed in attendance, even domestic audiences which had been the plan will be restricted which will certainly bring a different experience to both the athletes and viewers alike – punters will also have to keep this in mind as bookmakers may adjust their odds with the new information for those who may thrive in the situation, and those who may feel differently in a new environment than they’re used to. With that in mind the games will be going ahead as planned which is a relief for many fans and for the athletes involved too, so who are the biggest US athletes to follow?

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Simone Biles, Gymnastics – With four Olympic golds at the last Olympics in Rio and a further nineteen world championship gold medals, the self-proclaimed title of G.O.A.T certainly seems to be standing true and will be one of the favourite athletes heading into Tokyo too. At 24 years of age, Biles is still certainly young enough to continue competing at the highest level as Olympic gymnasts are often very young, and all eyes will be on Biles to see what incredible feats of gymnastics she’ll be able to perform this year.

Katie Ledecky, Swimming – The US is no stranger to having extremely strong swimmers as the most decorated Olympian of all time in Michael Phelps needs no introduction, and certainly looking to put her own stamp on the sport of swimming, Katie Ledecky will be hopefully to secure more medals in Tokyo. With the opportunity to win all four gold medals in the freestyle events as she did in the U.S. swimming trials, the opportunity to really set US women’s swimming apart is certainly there, and yet another feather in the cap of US athletes performing extremely well.

Allyson Felix, Track & Field ­– Certainly one of the more recognizable names at the event as Tokyo will mark Felix’ fifth Olympic games in which she has been able to capture six gold medals and three silver medals – a little older than the two previous entries on this list at 35 there is the possibility that it could be Felix’ last games so fans will be hoping for success. Having been able to place on the podium for four consecutive Olympic games, the odds are certainly in her favour, and will only hope to extend her lead as the most decorated female track & field athlete in US history, where a gold could cap off an already incredible career.