Easy Tips and Tricks to Resolve iMac Power Problems

Meta Description: With small steps and simple tricks like force restart, boot up in safe mode and tightening or changing power cable, you can easily resolve the power problems with iMac.

The demand and popularity of the Apple iMac has been on the rise ever since it was launched. With its sleek modern design, unbeatable features, strong processor, widescreen display and advanced graphics techniques, it is an ideal device for those who need to do demanding creative work and meet urgent deadlines. It also has ports where you can insert your USB pen drive or ethernet cable and enjoy those amazing Cox internet plans or other deals you’ve subscribed to.

However, just like all electronic devices, the Apple iMac also has areas and aspects that need to be improved. One issue that iMac users have often complained about is its power problem.

Reasons Behind iMac Power Problems

Power issues in electronic devices are caused by a variety of reasons, both minor and major. Usually, it is a glitch in power supply or a hardware fault that is responsible for such errors. However, if that doesn’t seem to be the case, then you should check for corrupted files on your system. Corrupted motherboards are another cause for weak power. There could also be an issue with the adapter or wall socket. These are the most common power issues faced by users of iMac and similar devices.

Tips & Tricks to Resolve iMac Power Problems

If you have an iMac and are facing power problems, here are some easy tips and tricks that you can employ to resolve them.

1#. Check the Power Button

The first thing you need to do is check whether the iMac is switching on when you press the power button. If there is no display or sound despite repeated attempts, it’s obvious that the device is not working. Check your connection to see it is not loose. The power cable needs to be well connected to the iMac. Give it time to store charge and then try again with a different adapter in case it doesn’t work. If despite all measures, you are unable to switch on the device, it means there is a fault with the power cable and you need to change or get a new one.

2#. Force Restart

Forceful restart is another trick to address the power issue you’re facing with your iMac. To force restart your device, hold down the power button for 10 seconds or more; the iMac would shut down automatically. Then give it a rest for a few seconds and try to power back your system. Performing this power cycle is an effective way to fix power issues on an iMac.

3#. Troubleshoot Your Monitor

When your system is unable to access the display, you tend to face issues in the form of power problems. This indicates it’s time to troubleshoot your monitor. For this, first of all check the power connection; make sure that all the cables are connected properly. If you’re using a separate unit, you also need to see whether your monitor is compatible with it or not. Lastly, remove all the cable from the monitor (if you’re using an external one) and plug it back again properly. These steps are likely to work in most cases.

4#. Boot Up in Safe Mode

Boot Up in Safe Mode is the best option when your iMac is not working despite all efforts. It limits all the features and functions that are operational during computer startup. Putting these limitations takes the load off the system and allows it to start quickly. If this works for you, you then need to restart your computer again, this time in normal mode.


These are some of the tricks and solutions that can help you if your Apple iMac is draining fast or never seems to hold enough charge. You can try these to get your device running again. If however, you are still unable to resolve the power problems you’re encountered with, you can also contact the Apple Tech Support and share your problem with them. They’ll hopefully guide you better or solve the issue for you.