How to fill a blank wall space

When decorating, you can often find yourself confronted with a large open space having no idea what to do with it. It can be a struggle to find a way to utilise the space without it being too cluttered and yet a blank wall often looks odd and disrupts the flow of the room. So, what can you do to complete your house décor? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Photos and prints

This idea is probably the most obvious solution to fill a blank wall space but it does not have to be a typical, basic photo gallery wall. If you check out a printing service online like Hello Canvas, you can order beautiful canvas prints of varying styles and sizes – you can create a collage or simply choose one prominent photo to display on your wall. They also offer stylish “floating frames” that would be ideal for filling a blank space on your wall. While you can utilise a printing service to create a canvas of your favourite photo, you could also use it to display a downloadable piece of artwork or a print that you love.

Create a feature wall with removable wallpaper.

Covering a wall with a patterned or extravagant wallpaper can be a big commitment and if you decide to change up the décor at a later date, it can be a huge hassle to tear it all down. So removable wallpaper can be a great hack for creating a quirky feature wall easily and temporarily. This is a great solution if you already have a lot of prints or wall hangings around the area and are looking for something a little different to do with this space.

Hang a quilt or blanket.

The success of this interior design idea depends on the theme of the rest of the decoration and how well it fits in and choose your blanket wisely as it can end up looking silly if you do not do it right. Typically, this idea is used to create a more bohemian or alternative interior, but it can also be used in a traditional or modern style home if you pick the right one!

Shelves and literature

Floating shelves can be squeezed into any blank space and can provide extra storage for books, but they can also be used to display items like photos or ornaments. Filling floating shelves with plants is a great use of an empty wall space and turns it into your own indoor garden breathing life into your home. Or you can go a little old school and hang up a quirky magazine rack to store newspapers, magazines or anything you like really!


If you are worried that the space is already fairly full then a mirror is the best thing to hang on an empty wall as it can help expand the room and create more light. You can hang something ornate and decorative or just go for a very simple mirror just to fill the space – you would be surprised how much it can help create the illusion of more space.