Texas House Delivers On Ercot Reform & Public Safety Legislation

This week, Governor Greg Abbott signed into law two major bills to bring significant reforms to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and the Public Utility Commission. Senate Bill 2 restructures the PUC board to expand the board and implement residential requirements. Senate Bill 3 provides a host of changes that will increase oversight and create new standards for weatherization, as well as penalties for failing to meet those new standards.

Read more about the components of SB 3 that will better protect our power grid from future extreme weather events in the graphic below.

Public Safety

Earlier this month, the Governor also signed several important public safety bills to penalize cities that try to defund their police (House Bill 1900 by State Rep. Craig Goldman) and punish protestors who block emergency vehicles (House Bill 9 by State Rep. Stephanie Klick).
These priority bills were instrumental in showing our support of law enforcement and continuing our efforts to back the blue.

Other public safety bills signed into law were:

  • Senate Bill 23 requires certain counties to hold elections before reducing the funding of the county’s primary law enforcement agency or reallocating their funds;
  • Senate Bill 15 establishes the Texas Consumer Privacy Act to limit state agencies ability to sell or disclose personal information to third parties; and

House Bill 1938 establishes a grant program to help law enforcement agencies cover the costs of storing body-worn camera footage.

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