The World’S First Recovery Shirt With Embedded Eli Technology Brings The Best Hand-Curated Information Platforms Into The Palm Of The Patient’s Hand

The word cancer is frightening enough, but now you’re out of surgery and more worries and concerns fill your mind. You have so many questions, but you are scared, intimidated and sometimes don’t even know what to ask.

Twenty year cancer survivor, former IBM computer engineering research and development specialist and founder and ceo of Healincomfort, Cherie Mathews knows first-hand the fears and questions that come along with the words, “You have cancer and need surgery” that’s why she felt it was imperitive to create a distruptive solution and add eli technology to her patented Healincomfort recovery shirts.

“Home recovery is very necessary and it’s a struggle for care takers to stay ‘connected’ to the patient to make sure the recovery process is going well and to answer any questions.  Currently, this is done with a quick (scheduled) phone call from a nurse and often, this call leaves the patient feeling unattended and possibly not having enough time to have all their questions answered,” said Mathews.

Customized hospital and patient portals can be easily connected to the patient’s recovery shirt.  This includes immediate access to telemedicine for some worries that pop up in the middle of the night. The patient’s needs are served within minutes of scanning their eli-enabled recovery shirt. This is a scalable solution. 

Think of the recovery shirt as a bridge from the hospital/surgeon to the patient’s home.

Everyone needs clothes after surgery that are easy to put on and take off as well as hold and manage their medical monitoring equipment. Plus, it is imperitive that all patients have confidence-building knowledge which releives their stress during the healing process. A simple scan answers questions and creates the connection. It’s private, secure, scalable, and extremely affordable.


  • One-second scan results in the best hand-curated informative platforms from all over the world in the comfort of the patient’s home.
  • Searching the internet only adds confusion and fear. Hospitals can customize and hand curate helpful resources to best serve the patient.
  • An eli code can be created and uniquely edited in moments. Eli lives in the cloud so it can be modified 24/7 with the latest updates or patient surveys for example.
  • This patented solution is helpful for not only mastectomy surgery but also heart surgery, organ transplant, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, elder care, shoulder surgery, and hospice care.
  • Proof of concept is 42,000 patients.Put your phone in camera mode and scan the eli code to see how Healincomfort recovery shirts embedded with eli technology are helping breast cancer patients gain knowledge and confidence as well as Healincomfort and dignity.