How to Change Odometer Mileage Easily?

People still wonder how to change odometer mileage easily. Altering the mileage on various vehicles is still a common practice, especially with the abundance of tools we encounter on the market. It’s become particularly easy to rewind the odometer and convince the buyers that the car hasn’t traveled across the world. Even the laws and regulations couldn’t manage to put an end to this crime. People often use the odometer correction tool to reverse the mileage, which is completely different from the mileage blocker sold at Today we’ll learn how people roll back the odometer and what are the alternatives.

Does the mileage blocker have anything to do with odometer rollback?

Technically speaking, it doesn’t. The mileage blocker from isn’t the same as the odometer correction tool. It’s a device that stops recording the mileage once activated. It was created to enable the customers to test the performance of the vehicle in a controlled environment.

Instead of reprogramming the existing miles, it simply prevents your car from counting the distance it travels.

The mileage blocker isn’t meant to be used on public roads. However, some people neglect its purpose and employ it while driving. You should remember that such utilization is unethical.

The odometer adjustment tool, on the other hand, is software that can reset the mileage of various cars. Since it messes around with the existing numbers, its utilization is extremely unethical and could even be legal in certain states. Even though its features seem promising, the performance of this device is far from perfect.

The features of the mileage stopper

As mentioned, the mileage stopper from has an ethical purpose as it’s only meant for testing. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have useful features. In fact, it’s steeped with user-friendly specs that will make your life easier.

The odometer blocker comes with a plug-and-play module

The odometer blocker comes with a plug-and-play module. This means that its installation is a piece of cake. You can connect it directly to your car thanks to the original plug it comes with. It’s a DIY installation system to make sure you can do everything yourself easily.

The kilometer stopper offers untraceable performance

The kilometer stopper from works perfectly with digital odometers as well. It stops recording the mileage in the whole system of the car, which means its performance is untraceable. Just remember to use it for its intended purpose.

The mileage changer, on the contrary, doesn’t work that great with digital odometers that are included in the majority of modern vehicles. It can change the mileage on the odometer only, while the original information is still stored in the control units. A professional can easily detect those changes with diagnostic equipment.


All in all, using the odometer correction tool is too risky. If you’re caught selling a vehicle with mileage rollback, you’ll face serious fines and administrative charges. It’s better to invest in a mileage blocker and test the true capabilities of the vehicle you want to sell.