Why should you wear thermal clothing when doing sports?

Thermal underwear or functional clothing, these are terms that every athlete or football player knows today. Whether under the jersey during a match or during workouts outside, functional underwear is worn in almost every sport today. But how do they help you to do your workout?

Functional underwear nowadays refers to articles such as shirts and tights that are worn under the actual sports clothing. Such functional clothing is worn in almost every sport today. In addition to football, thermal underwear is also used in many other active sports.

Functional clothing and sports underwear always follow the same principle from all manufacturers, but there can be differences in size, shape and fabric. All shirts, whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved, and the tights are cut tight. The fundamentally narrow cut is not intended for the appearance, but for the functionality of the sportswear. It should therefore have different positive effects on the athlete’s body. When it comes to choosing the right thermal wear for you, you should keep the functionalities of the functional wear in mind:

  • Moisture transport: One of the most important points of functional clothing is the moisture transport such as sweat of the sporting goods. Thanks to a special material, all sports underwear items can transport moisture even better and provide ventilation during sports. The advantage is that the moisture does not stay inside of the material but can simply evaporate.
  • Protection against cooling down: In addition to transporting moisture, functional underwear can also prevent cooling. Thermal underwear, such as shirts and tights, can protect against injuries, especially on the muscle parts.
  • Less friction: Functional underwear for sports not only has the advantage that moisture is transported, but also that the products themselves increase wearing comfort. Functional underwear almost always is seamless, and in combination with the narrow cut, therefore reduces friction on the skin.

Modern functional clothing has various advantages, such as transporting moisture or reducing friction. This is another reason why thermal underwear is now worn under almost every football jersey. However, a direct increase in performance is not to be expected from this. Although the improvement of the wearing comfort, as well as the protection against cooling down, can help to protect you against injuries.