Different Types of Tractors

The agriculture industry is very large in the state of Texas. According to the Texas Deparatment of Agriculture, 86% of Texas’ land is used for some sort of agricultural production, which means many different types of tractors and equipment are used to harvest, prepare and maintain the land and what it’s producing. There are actually several different types of tractors to assist farmers and manufacturers with day-to-day operations. Here are just a few of them and their purpose on the farm.

Utility Tractors

For operations that involve plowing and pulling heavy add-ons, a utility tractor is perfect to have on deck. This type of tractor is very powerful and can have multiple uses for different farming tasks that need to be done. Utility tractors are becoming an increasingly popular option amongst consumers thanks to their durability and adaptability. You can find them at Victoria Farm Equipment, a nearby tractor supplier, or just about any farm equipment company near your area.

Row Crop Tractors

A row crop tractor’s purpose is to help plant and maintain crops that are sowed in rows, hence its name. Row crop tractors are user-friendly and provide great row spacing, as well as many other capabilities. Many even have adjustable wheels that allow for different spacing of rows, depending on the user’s preference.

Orchard Tractors

Designed specifically for orchards, these tractors are perfect for going through narrow rows that are found at most orchards. They are very compact so as to minimize contact with the trees and shrubs, but tall enough so that reaching for fruit is much easier.

Compact Tractors

These tractors are very similar to orchard tractors as they are extremely compact and are great for vineyards and other farms of similar sorts. These can also be adjusted to better fit the rows of whatever it is that’s being harvested. Compact tractors are great for saving on fuel since they are smaller in size.

Many people often go back and forth between which tractor is better, but that really shouldn’t be up for debate. Each tractor’s purpose varies and should be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a tractor for your farmland and crops. If you need help deciding on a tractor, our team at Victoria Farm Equipment can easily help you out by giving you comprehensive advice and allowing you to test drive a few of our tractors that we have in our inventory.