Want To Play Golf Like A Pro? Here’s What You Need To Know

In a world of social distancing, this is the best time to learn Golf. It’s a game played outdoors which, along with exercise, can be very refreshing for the mind. It’s not an easy game, especially for starters, but this is nothing to worry over. Be mindful of the fact that all golfers were not pro from the beginning. You need to learn to become a perfect player and that’s what we are here for! For a game like Golf, it is not enough to know how to just hit a ball. You need to know the other necessary points which come along the way. Hence, our agenda is to let you know how to play golf like a pro by following a few simple steps, and these will be explained below.

Hit the Ball Solidly

If you follow the sport regularly and have a favorite player, try not to replicate the way the player makes the swing exactly. What you can do is to let your movement flow naturally while being as close as possible to their swings. The closer you are without compromising your natural style, the chances of hitting a solid shot will increase dramatically. Next is to touch upon some of the factors which can hinder your way from hitting the ball the way you should. Some players, especially new ones, tend to turn their shoulders in a backward direction. The trick is to turn them and tilt them so that the shoulder which is nearest to the goal is a little lower.

Additionally, focus on the position of your hips and try your best not to halt their movement. Rather than focusing the swing with your hands or arms, position your hips towards the goal. These little tips will help you in hitting a solid shot.

Practice Your Strokes

One of the main things to think about while standing on the putt is your speed. Generally, golfers new to the sport do experience difficulty in managing it so what you need to start doing is practicing your strokes. While practicing to become a better golfer, you should aim to see how much time it is generally taking the ball to reach the hole, which is essentially its final destination. The time it takes will mainly depend on how much distance there is in between; fifty feet will clearly take longer than just five feet. Hence, during your practice session, your aim should be to finish in the amount of time that you have decided for the ball to reach the goal. This will tremendously help you in strategically managing your level of speed and becoming a pro.

Position of the Shaft

When you’re out on your next golfing excursion, one of the things that could be responsible for disappointing results is your inability to set a correct angle for the position of the shaft. A very neutral shaft position can result in very high ball flight. Inversely, suppose the shaft is leaning significantly into the target. In that case, that will result in your golf ball not catching as much flight and will remain shallow. New golfers need to realize that whatever angle you choose to pick to position your shaft will ultimately end in an equilibrium of sorts. This means that if the angle of the shaft is leaning slightly outward from the target, your body will create certain minute movements that are likely to bring the angle back to its original position. The ideal angle for the shaft would mean that the hands of the player are equal to just a little bit ahead of the ball. If you do this correctly, there should be a straight line forming that starts from your club’s head and ends at your shoulders. Then again, if done incorrectly, it will result in a very ineffective shot.


If you’re someone that’s new to Golf or has been playing for a while but want to take your game to the next level, you must internalize the fact that this will take you some time. Suppose you are willing to invest the time that’s required by practicing the above-mentioned techniques, in addition to others. In that case, you will soon start to notice quite a significant difference in your performance. The key to success with a game like Golf always lies with patience and persistence. If you don’t have these elements within your personality, Golf is either not the sport for you, or it will do a good job of teaching you these traits. The more you practice how to solidly hit the ball and maintain a decent angle, the better your game will become over time.