Learn How Good WordPress Is For Real Estate Marketing

So you have decided to take the plunge and create your own blog or website? That is great news for your personal brand as now you will be able to reach a much larger audience and your visibility will grow as a result. The greater traffic to your website will make sure the brand’s recognition will increase, and you will have a higher chance of converting those visitors into your clients. However, you will need a CMS or Content Management System to accomplish this goal.

A CMS allows you to publish your content, edit it, conduct SEO operations, maintain website layout and do much more. A CMS is critical for simplifying these seemingly easy tasks which consume a lot of time and effort once combined.

WordPress, which is one of the most heard of names in website creation, will be your go-to choice for a real estate business. Let’s take a look at all the reasons why WordPress surpasses everyone else.

  1. High Flexibility

WordPress offers unmatched flexibility unlike any other CMS that it directly competes with. The tools provided to you by WordPress can be used to create any kind of websites like an image gallery website, a personal portfolio, a real estate listing site, or even a rental property website.

Not only this, but WordPress websites can perform multiple functions as well. You can integrate IDX into your website, or you might design a website that can show property listing data, automatically share on social media, enable subscriptions, or capture leads.

When used the right way and with a definite goal in mind, WordPress can act as a multipurpose Swiss Army knife. There are various features that you can add to your website, but it’s recommended that you only integrate the critical ones so that your website remains quick and snappy.

  1. Huge Community Support

WordPress was first launched in 2003 and has since been the first choice for many. WordPress is also estimated to be responsible for powering over 15% of the websites on the internet. Till 2011, WordPress had its version 3.0 downloaded over 65 million times. These facts prove that WordPress is perhaps one of the most popular CMSs out there and has a massive following.

The huge popularity of WordPress has been largely due to its open-source nature, the regular bug fixes by the developers, and the vast array of plugins available to customize any website. WordPress has thousands of themes to suit the exact nature of your business, there are also  WordPress themes for real estate which give your brand a more streamlined look. Rather than making a generic website that makes you seem like an amateur real estate brand, a customized website will have a more professional appearance.

  1. A Blog can Help

A blog adds a whole new dimension to your plain old website which helps get more business at your doorstep. A blog adds valuable content to your website, content that will help people resolve their queries and make well-informed decisions. This will, in turn, drive a huge amount of traffic to your real estate website.

When you answer the questions that your customers have, you gain trust and credibility with them. You can also implement SEO tools on your blog which will rank your website higher on search engines. You will only have to do some keyword research and then use those keywords accordingly to drive higher traffic to your blog.

The biggest advantage of using WordPress is that it is designed to interact better with Google’s crawlers. Right out of the box, you will be able to get your blog the desired attention on the search engines which will help you if you’re new to SEO. WordPress comes equipped with multiple tools like permalinks and trackbacks to give additional functionality, and if you can’t find what you are looking for then there are third-party plugins to choose from.

As a CMS, WordPress has stood the test of time by existing for almost 20 years. The platform is an excellent place to start for anyone new to the internet side of their business. On WordPress, you will have access to plenty of tools so that your website can feel like a truly personal and customized experience. It is a great place to start due to the cost-to-benefit ratio offered by WordPress, it also allows enough flexibility to experiment with the website due to its easy and intuitive nature. The third-party plugins, the regular bug fixes from responsible developers, the open-source mature, and the various colorful themes make it a perfect CMS to start with.