The Ideal Accessories You Should Get For Long-Range Shooting

Long-range marksmanship entails more than getting a sight picture or dropping down behind a scoped rifle. You’ve got to understand that even the most experienced shooters can still be disadvantaged by bad equipment.

Therefore, whether you’re seeking to extend your hunting range, joined a long-range shooting competition, or a precision rifle series game, there are specific accessories that can be handy for such long-range shooting. This guide explores a few of the must-have accessories.

  1. A Rifle Support

When shooting at long-range, unsupported firing position is the leading cause of inaccuracy. That’s why there is a need to invest in a high-quality bipod, especially designs that can swivel from side to side. Keep in mind that long-range shooting demands that you and your rifle are stable, which is why the prone shooting position is always highly recommended.

Regardless of the position you take, there’s a need to stabilize the front of your long-range guns, and a bipod comes in handy. Most importantly, it would be best if you didn’t forget to support the rear of your rifle with a backpack or sandbag because you’re able to change the amount of support you offer the stock of your rifle.

  1. Invest in a Quality Ballistic Calculator

Suppose you’re well informed about your rifle and ammunition (ballistics coefficient, projectile size, velocity, etc.). In that case, a ballistic calculator can help you estimate scope adjustments, elevation holds, and windage that can help you get on target more quickly.

Besides accurately engaging with the target, smartphone-based ballistic calculators can help you learn the limitations and consistency of a rifle as well as its load combination.

  1. A Quality Rangefinder

It’s necessary to know your shooting range if you’re ever to have a chance at getting the perfect shot for your target. When it comes to sourcing for a rangefinder, you may want to settle for the basic laser rangefinder. But, it would be best to ensure that the model you invest in can range the distance you’re planning to shoot.

If you’ve got the budget for something fancy, you can consider investing in rangefinding binoculars capable of syncing with your ballistics application. This riffle accessory can guide you on how to dial your turret.

  1. Great Ammunition

Owning this kind of firearm means you need to invest in several items and accessories to make it perform better. While investing in the best rifle scopes under 500 has a significant influence on your accuracy, the same case applies to good ammunition. You should know that long-range shooting is all about consistency, and the most effective way to accomplish this by handloading your ammunition. This is because you can match your ammo to a specific rifle.

Understand that rifles are different even if they’re of the same model and make, and using a load targeted towards a specific rifle offers more improvements inaccuracy. If you’re not planning to invest money or time into handloading, you must ensure that you settle on factory match ammo from renowned manufacturers.

  1. A Rifle Sling

If you’re a bench shooter, you might not find it necessary to invest in a rifle sling. But, most long-range shooters like tactical shooters or hunters will find it necessary. Most ultralight sporter rifles weigh below seven pounds, but they will feel heavy after a few hours of chasing that mule deer or pronghorn.

If you’re a tactical shooter or anyone involved in a long-range shooting competition, a sling helps stabilize the rifle, especially when shooting off a barricade. A sling also comes in handy whenever you’re repositioning your rifle or moving between stages.

  1. A Shooting Mat

Unless you plan to shoot exclusively from a hunting stand or bench, you’ll most probably shoot from a prone position. If that’s the case, you will most definitely be going to need a shooting mat. While you may lay on a ground that’s even and looks soft, you’re bound to find an ant nest, stick, and rocks that can disrupt your focus as you comfortably get behind your gun.

With a shooting mat, you can eliminate such distractions so that you can focus on getting a perfect shot.

There are plenty of accessories in the market that can make your long-range shooting a great experience. The few highlighted in this guide will ensure that you’ve gotten into long-rifle shooting more comfortably and conveniently. Understand that none of the accessories will make you a better shooter.

However, they’ll make it convenient for you to shoot to the best of your ability. So, never think of any of them as a substitute for practice.