The advantages of content interactivity in b2b lead generation

Increase in b2b leads generation isn’t necessarily hard to achieve. Learn how involving b2b leads into interactive activities can boost your campaigns.

Why is interactive content the key factor in b2b leads search today?

It’s only natural for users to be picky about content. In the last years passive content has given way to something that can be interacted with. Instead of just reading or watching, potential b2b leads prefer to spend their time on something that allows them to make a choice and see their choice be taken in account. B2b lead generation through interactivity is getting more and more popular. It’s confirmed by the latest researches. The latter show that about 43% of companies have spent time and money on strengthening their interactive content production sphere. How is using interactive content types so advantageous?

-when a user is involved into interacting with some of your content, he’s asked to choose and give their opinions. It’s always flattering for potential customers to see their word matter;

-a company giving users an opportunity to real-time tailor the situation is perceived as trustworthy. The most respected b2b lead generation companies wouldn’t have gone so far without involving users into interaction with them;

-asking prospects to answer questions you subtly collect data key data about them.

Let’s sort out kinds of interactive content to be introduced depending on the stages of a cold campaign.

The stage of awareness: generating b2b leads through trivia quizz / knowledge test content

Among the most popular interactive content kinds are quizzes and tests offered to users on logging in to websites or applications. Those are major tools for generating b2b leads as users provide information which allows of defining their business interests.  What is made use of in case with these content types are potential buyers’ pain points. Users themselves may not realize what they are but salesmen from any b2b lead generation company should. The more interesting and fun the quiz or knowledge test is, the more likely it is for people to be willing to buy. b2b leads ready to purchase are the goal and interactive content is the way of its achievement.

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The stage of evaluation: generating b2b leads through self-assessment content

As one can guess, self-assessment interactive tasks are meant to help users get a sense of different things. The latter can be whether how well prospects know b2b/any other sphere or if they are ready for doing business. As potential customers pass an assessment test, they see what level they are on. Besides, they can look through what they can purchase from your company that’d help them improve. On the whole, if you want them to buy b2b leads should undergo interactive assessment and be offered an opportunity to level up with your help. Besides, such content provides you with valuable information. The latter should be used to build up future cold campaigns in the most effective way.

So what good can self-assessment content do to a b2b company?

-it gives customers the image of your company as an expert in the digital transformation sphere;

-it provides b2b businesses with the data on what their clients’ capabilities and aspirations are;

-it gives potential clients the feel of active communication with a company which is necessary to establish trust between them.

The stage of decision: ROI calculators as the final step in b2b leads generation

After potential clients have expressed their business aims and found out whether they are ready for business communication, it’s time to give them the final push. Customers have to understand that it’s your company that is their only way to business prosperity. Such things as ROI calculators can serve as this last  catalyst.

What is the ROI calculator? It’s usually a widget that b2b companies use to motivate clients; on inputting the approximate sum of his investment, a customer sees what profit it can bring him. Besides, it’s a good way to familiarize prospects and potential clients with the range of the company’s services and how profitable the latter can be to them.

ROI calculators are really good not only as a means of tempting clients to buy from the company by showing how profitable it can be.This and other kinds of interactive content help users feel how communication and business bonds get established between them and the service provider. It starts looking as if you were really talking business with the provider, just in the online mode.