Smith, Hicks Elected to Katy City Council

By George Slaughter

Dan Smith (Dan Smith photo)

Katy city voters braved the rain Saturday to elect two new city council members, approve $6 million in bonds, and approve updates to the Katy City Charter.

In the Ward A council race, Dan Smith, a territory senior manager, defeated Diane Walker, who works as a virtual assistant.

Smith received 446 votes, or 72%. Walker received 172 votes, or 18%.

“I am humbled by the results of the election and excited for the opportunity to serve Katy residents on city council,” Smith said.

Despite Saturday’s rain, Smith said voter turnout was very strong.

“Voters were energized to show up and vote,” Smith said.

Smith will succeed incumbent Council Member Dusty Thiele, who did not seek election in his own right. Thiele is an insurance executive.

This was Smith’s first political race. It was the second for Walker, who last year unsuccessfully sought the other Ward A seat held by Janet Corte.

Hicks Wins Ward B Seat

Gina Hicks (Gina Hicks photo)

In the Ward B council race, challenger Gina Hicks, a cybersecurity professional, defeated incumbent Council Member Jenifer Jordan Stockdick.

Hicks received 476 votes, or 62%, while Stockdick received 291, or 38%.

Hicks said she was excited to work for the residents and the city.

“I am thrilled and very thankful to everyone wo came out and encouraged me and voted for me,” Hicks said. “I’m looking forward to serving this community.”

Hicks said her voter turnout was almost doubled from early voting, despite Saturday’s rain.

“Over 300 people came out today,” Hicks said. “They came out, even in the rain.”

Hicks said her immediate plans were to go pick up 200 campaigns signs she and her supporters placed around Ward B. She also said she planned to celebrate with her friends and family.

Stockdick, a business owner, was elected in 2019 and was seeking her second term.

“I would like to thank everyone that came out and voted,” Stockdick said in a statement. “The results were not what I had hoped for, but I respect the wishes of the voters of Katy, and it was an honor to serve a city I dearly love. I hope only the best for Mrs. Hicks and Mr. Smith. I know that it has been an honor for me, and I hope they have the same experience. Thank you to those that supported me and know that I believe in a bright future for Katy. Thank you so much.”

Voters Approve Bond, City Charter Changes

Voters approved a $6 million bond for buildings and parks. The bond proposal comprised two propositions:

  • Proposition A, for $1.8 million, is for construction of improvements to municipal public buildings. These include reimbursement of expenses for Fire Station No. 1, construction of a training tower, expansion of the city’s fleet maintenance facility, and refurbishing of existing police facilities. The measure passed with 936 votes, or 71%, to 380 votes, or 29%.
  • Proposition B, for $4.2 million, is for construction of city park improvements, including a hike and bile trail system, and the construction of a city parks administration building. The measure passed with 874 votes, or 66%, to 445 votes, or 34%.

Voters approved updates to the Katy City Charter in a series of line-item votes. A summary of changes has been posted to the city’s website.