Sen. Cruz: President Biden’s Attempts to Hide the Border Crisis

Senator Ted Cruz

The heartbreaking reality of the crisis on our southern border has been on full display for weeks, but the deep personal toll this crisis has taken on the children being trafficked into the United States was best encapsulated in the recent and tragic video of a 10-year old boy, abandoned by the group he was traveling with, desperately asking for help.

Today in the wake of countless tragic reports, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas will travel to El Paso and McAllen, Texas to meet with those on the frontlines of this crisis. Predictably the entire trip is closed to the press.

The realities of this crisis grow more desperate by the day, and the most consistent response from President Biden has been trying to hide his failures by blocking press access and trying to keep the American people in the dark. President Biden should not cover up the inhumane treatment and the public health menace his policies have created.

Earlier this week, the Biden administration deleted a press release announcing the arrest of two Yemeni men who had crossed into the United States illegally whose names appear on the terrorist watch list.

Yesterday Governor Abbott shared shocking revelations that the Texas Health and Human Services commission and Texas Department of Family and Protective Services had received complaints of child sex abuse, lack of staff, undernourished children, and failure to separate children with or without COVID-19 at San Antonio’s Freeman Expo Center – where thousands of migrant children are being detained.

As illegal immigrants rush to cross into the United States at record breaking numbers, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the main factor determining whether migrant families are released into the United States or turned back to Mexico is sheer luck, depending on shelter capacity any given day.

As a direct result of President Biden’s policies at our southern border dangerous criminals – including a suspected MS-13 gang member – continue to cross into the United States.

Bottom Line: President Biden’s attempts to hide his egregious failures and his refusal to address this crisis have spiraled out of control. Sen. Cruz remains committed to ensuring that the American people have a right to know what’s happening on our southern border.