What You Need to Know About Pay Stubs

Have you recently started a new job that gives you pay stubs, and now you are trying to get some basic information about them before you start receiving them regularly? Perhaps you have always gotten pay stubs from your job, but you have never really taken the time to actually dig into the finer details that are included on them? Maybe you have recently become the main CFO or payroll manager for your company, and you are looking for a more efficient way to create your own pay stubs? If this sounds anything like your situation, then check out some of the helpful information listed below.

This article will outline the different basic facts that you need to know about pay stubs. Pay stubs are an important part of keeping track of your income, so be sure to take them seriously and you will have no problem filing taxes and completing other sets of paperwork.

Keep Them

One of the easiest and most important things you need to do with your pay stubs is to actually hold on to them. Keeping a small folder or envelope for your pay stubs is a really smart idea since there is always a chance that you might need them around tax time. If you receive your pay stubs electronically by email or through some other medium, then you should consider purchasing an external hard drive to store them in an organized folder of their own. Do a little research and see which method of storing your pay stubs is the best.

Industry Specific

Sometimes depending on the industry or the company you are employed by, you can see a different type of pay stub used. Generally, these pay stubs will include similar information, but some workplaces might use a different system than others. For instance, if you work in a unionized workplace, then you might see more things such as union dues, or pensions included on your pay stub. If you have any concerns about your pay stubs, then be sure to talk to your human resources representative, or your payroll manager if applicable.


If you do not have any experience with pay stubs, then it can sometimes feel intimidating having to deal with all the nitty-gritty formatting details and other important features of a pay stub. Many companies use a premade pay stub template which allows them to simply input the relevant data and then generate a pay stub for whoever it is intended. There are even some systems that can input entire datasets which will output an entire set of pay stubs for your employees. Specialists from www.mrpaystubs.com talk about the different ways that using a pay stub template system can have for your business and payroll department. It can only help and reduce the workload.


If you want to make sure that you are always getting paid the proper amount of money for the work you have done, then you should always be sure to hang on to your invoices. This will allow you to cross-reference them with the pay stubs you receive, to help ensure that everything is consistent. There are many different ways to invoice depending on the type of work you have done, so be sure to look online to find some resource that will help you to do this as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Location Specific

Sometimes the region or country that you live in can result in there being some different things included on our pay stub. Even within countries such as the United States, there can be some valence to what pay stubs look like from employer to employer. A sling as your pay stubs have all the pertinent information included in them, then you should have no issues with your paystubs.


Pay stubs are important because they provide you with vital information about your income, which can be used at tax time to make sure that you are able to provide your proper financial information.

After checking out some of the basic facts listed previously, the hope is that you have found some helpful information on what you need to know about pay stubs. Some people can easily be overwhelmed by the prospect of having to file any kind of paperwork pertaining to their income or taxes. This is part of the reason why accountants exist at all.

By using this information as a rough guide, you should be able to answer any questions that you have about pay stubs, and also help to build a strategy to ensure that you handle yours correctly. If you take care of your finances, then your finances will take care of you.