All You Need to Know About Music Marketing on SoundCloud


Have you ever pictured yourself on the stage with the lights on and thousands of fans screaming down your name and waiting to hear you sing? This is the dream of every musician, and anytime you think about success, that’s your imagination. But have you ever stopped to think about the tricky part? No right? Nobody wants to think about failures or challenges. No musician wants to think about the days they need to have to do late-night gigs, production costs, or even the thought of fighting for attention. But all of these things are real!

However, amid all these challenges, becoming a successful musician is a bit tedious, but it is possible with the right strategies put in place. It is evident that musicians tend to be very busy, but what are they busy doing? While putting their music as a top priority, their primary concern should be about coming up with efficient ideas to promote your music. The platform algorithm prioritizes songs with more reposts, plays, and downloads. That is why it’s necessary to create quality music, share it on the other social networks, optimize tags, add moods, create outstanding album artworks, reply to comments, comment on other artists’ songs, host remix contests, and follow statistics.

Have you thought about promoting your music through SoundCloud? SoundCloud is the trending big thing in the music industry as new talents use the platform to reach thousands of fans daily. Are you ready to use SoundCloud to promote your music? Are you worried about how to go about it? We are here to help you! Below is a breakdown of the tips needed to promote your music on SoundCloud;

Let’s Start with Discovering What SoundCloud is All About

SoundCloud has gone viral, and if you haven’t thought about using it, you better start considering it because it has millions of users globally. Soundcloud happens to be the largest platform for music all over the world. As a musician, you can upload your original music and share it with the user base of SoundCloud, and you can also monetize your content while you share it globally. Furthermore, you also get to receive feedback from fans about how good or bad your music is. The SoundCloud community is very large, and users are allowed to share kinds of music and connect with artists directly.

But with the millions of people on SoundCloud, how can you cut through the noise and bring yourself to the limelight? Uploading your music on SoundCloud and hoping it will become popular without doing anything will not work; hope isn’t good enough on an already populated platform. You need to take the necessary steps, which will be listed below, to market your music on SoundCloud. But first, why is SoundCloud music marketing important?

Importance of SoundCloud Music Marketing

SoundCloud happens to be the biggest or one of the biggest online music platforms that accommodates millions of people. You can upload your music directly with ease, and it is also free. Since the inception of SoundCloud, it has become a platform where people can upload their music themselves without needing any help. The platform has produced various artists that became well known on the platform first before gaining popularity globally. Most music that became popular through SoundCloud is electronic and rap music. Soundcloud is important for music marketing because the platform has over 170 million users, and about 75 million people subscribe monthly. The platform has over 170 million track that has been uploaded, the number of music creators In the platform is uncountable so why won’t you promote your music on such a platform with a broad user base. As long as you are a musician with SoundCloud, you have come to the end of your struggles.

That being said, let’s go over the necessary tips required to promote your music on SoundCloud.

Let’s Start with Syncing Your Social Media Handles

As a musician or an upcoming artist, you certainly have various social media handles, which means you need to develop a well-coordinated social media strategy so you can be a contributing factor to your music performing well on SoundCloud. Do you know when you build an audience on your different social media platforms with a spillover effect? Now, as a musician, when you release a song, you tend to release the videos on YouTube, then you head over to Instagram and develop your brand, you communicate more personal with your fans on Twitter, and if you still use Facebook, you can upload a clip of your video there. There is every possibility that anyone who follows you on Instagram will also be following you on Twitter and most likely to subscribe to the hour YouTube channel.

Some people love to watch music videos on YouTube or just listen to the audio because it is believed that YouTube has a large user base. Most musicians who upload their music videos on YouTube get millions of people to view them; most times, if it’s a short video clip, people will be eager to see the full video, so you have indirectly promoted your music album. The same goes for Twitter, but with Twitter, you get to communicate even better with your fans. When you release music, a short post about your new track with 30 seconds audio, as long as your comment is friendly and engaging, you will get a lot of retweets, and these same people will connect to SoundCloud just to get the full track.

Furthermore, posting your album on Instagram will also attract a large fan base because you must have dropped a link to your SoundCloud profile, and people will be eager to connect with you. Therefore, every social media handle of yours is essential to drive traffic to SoundCloud.


Collaboration is Key

When it comes to the music industry, most upcoming artists succeed through collaboration. Although it is not easy to collaborate with the stars if you are upcoming, SoundCloud can connect you to people who will help promote your music. How? When you upload your track on SoundCloud, you get to tag some big artist in the industry; they listen to your track, fall in love with it, and want to feature you in their next album. It is more difficult than you think because you need to be persistent. Also, if you are a music producer or have a good beat, you can sell it off to musicians who you must have met through SoundCloud. If you want your music to have a more promotional effect on SoundCloud, then you should start considering collaborating with one or two artists.

Focus on Fixing Your SoundCloud Settings

Do you want to boost the number of people that listen to your music on SoundCloud? Then it’s time to take a few simple and necessary steps to set your content in a way that it can be streamed only. When this is done, be sure that the rate at which your music goes viral will be reduced, and your listeners will be unable to download your songs, thereby stopping them from also uploading the music on the web.

You don’t need to panic because the number of people who will stream your music will increase. Furthermore, you can also push your music behind a paywall. Although it is very common for people to make their singles available on SoundCloud freely, you can also put your other tracks on preview mode and redirect most of your fans to platforms like Spotify. While at it, you should also know that not all your fans will succumb to this.

Ensure Your SoundCloud Profile is SEO Optimized

You certainly know that most people just type a keyword on Google when searching for songs or other information, and as long as it is Google SEO optimized, it will pop up on the first page. This should be a vital part of your music marketing strategy so that your fans can identify your music as quickly as possible. Ensure your title name is quite straightforward and understandable for your fans to locate. Get a more professional name on your SoundCloud profile and link it with Google. When your song is searched on Google, it will pop up on the first page, and fans will be redirected to Your SoundCloud account to listen to or download the music.

Interact with Other Users

SoundCloud has made the platform friendly for everyone to do mode than just uploading your content on the platform. Instead of looking for means of remixing or featuring other artists, why not interact with fans and artists? Start up a conversation, interact often, share opinions and ideas, and gradually expose yourself to new followers and listeners. You can also repost other artist’s songs and have them repost yours also.

Have You Thought of Going Pro?

SoundCloud has the free version, which has limited tools and the pro version. Since you intend to use SoundCloud to market your music, it is advisable to go pro. Using SoundCloud pro, you have lots of useful tools at hand that can be used to improve your marketing strategy, share your music, and drive revenue. As a musician, if you find yourself on SoundCloud, then you are serious about marketing your music and subscribing to SoundCloud Pro means your content can be monetized and you get the privilege of distributing your music to other important platforms through a distribution deal.


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After Following All of These Tips to Promote Your Music, How Can You be Sure That it Works?

SoundCloud is not the only platform artists can market their music; it only happens to be one of the best platforms available, and you can be sure it is working if you follow the analytics of the platform to discover how well your music is doing on the platform. But it’s not just SoundCloud you need to track, and you also need to track other musical platforms to know how your music has been performing so far. You can use the sound charts to track your music across all platforms, both locally and globally.

Soundcharts will turn your raw data into action and provide you with a clear picture of how well your music career is doing.

To wrap it up,

SoundCloud has proven to be a very effective and important platform when it comes to music marketing. Although you need to put in a lot of work and focus, it is still a very simple use platform. Most of the tips listed above are simple and need dedication. Every minute that passes by, there’s always an upload on the platform, so relaxing should never be an option, especially If you are new in the music industry.

SoundCloud can make you popular, but there’s no magic in it; that’s why the fame doesn’t happen immediately; it takes time. You need to work hard to ensure your music stands out from other types of music being uploaded and let it be something the audience and your fans will love. Are you ready to start a music career, or are you trying to make your album go viral? SoundCloud is your one-stop musical platform anytime and any day.