3D printers are the future

3D printers are the future. In the future, it’s not inconceivable for 3D printers to be in a majority of households. And, the reason why is they’re practicality.

They can make household items which make life easier. This is a small list which demonstrates what you can make.

  1. Phone Holder

A 3D printer can make a phone holder which you can place anywhere. You can place this near your living room chair, treadmill, or kitchen counter while cooking.

  1. Weight Leverage Holder

If you have a home gym, you can make a custom weight holder. For example, if you deadlift and find it tiring to place or remove weight from the barbell, a leverage holder can be used to lift the barbell up and do both.

  1. Tool Rack

Another easy item to make is a tool rack. You might not be able to create a rack which holds 10-20 items, but you’ll be able to separately print them and put them together.

  1. Cup Coaster

You can also make a simple cup coaster. A 3D printer is able to make cup coasters, bar coasters, and other similar complimentary items similar to this.

  1. Knife Block

Try making a knife block to place your knives in. A simple block with 3 slots can be done with a 3D printer.

Looking at all the items on this list, it’s easy to see a 3D printer can make a variety of things. The only limitation is your imagination.