Strategies That Will Brighten Up the Future of SEO

SEO has come a long time ever since its early days. It’s now 2021 which means we have a lot of catching up to do.

In this post, we look at the most important strategies that will continue to keep the future of your SEO efforts bright. Here they are:

Improve User Experience Across Your Entire Site

A site that offers irrelevant information, loads too slow, and looks cheap and is likely to have a higher bounce rate. Such a site can have trouble securing any place in SERPs. So, how do you ensure that the user can enjoy a pleasant experience while on your site? Here’s how:

  • Keep the navigation clean and simple
  • Make sure the content is nicely written, neat, decluttered, and well-presented
  • Keep the site clean and light
  • Make sure the load time is less than 3 seconds

Optimize for Voice Search

With the emergence of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, there’s a growing need for marketers to tweak their strategies. That means taking the search intent into account. The way people are looking things up has changed; thanks to voice search options.

Now people are likely to say ‘which is the best restaurant near me, instead of just typing ‘restaurant near me’.

The same applies to all the other search queries. To hold relevance even in the future, it’s important to integrate AI and the way voice search works into your strategy.

Design for Mobile First

Google has hinted time and again that it favors sites that load well on mobile. Therefore, going mobile is no longer an option if you want to develop and execute a professional SEO strategy. You must ensure that:

  • Your site loads well on mobile
  • Is accessible on all kinds of mobile devices
  • Adjust well to different screen sizes
  • Doesn’t take too long to load on mobile

Among other things.

Write Content Around Cluster Topics

More often than not, marketers will focus on keywords first and then craft content around it. That approach is becoming outdated. Now, it’s time to adopt the ‘Topic Cluster’ approach. Essentially, you create a broad pillar topic, and around it, you create smaller multiple sub-topics.

The good thing about this approach is that all the keywords relevant to your industry will get incorporated naturally rather you having to forcefully insert them within the content body.

Write Longer Content (Most of the Time)

It’s true that now Google is favoring longer forms of content. But, what really constitutes long-form? Well, it varies from industry to industry and topic to topic.

However, you must always strive for over 1,000+ word count. At times, it’s good to go in-depth by sticking with around 3,000+ word count.

While it’s a common notion that people are only looking to touch the surface of the topics, there’s a growing demand for content that supplies a ton of information. So, if you’re still lacking in the longer-form of content – it’s time to get to it.

Move towards Video-based Content

We know that internet speeds are becoming faster with 5G just around the corner. That means people can access video-based content more easily today than ever.

Almost a growing number of readers are switching from content-based content to video-based content as it can supply more information more quickly.

Indeed, video-based content may not be for all industries; but there are always ways to incorporate it in creative ways. Today, now that more devices are coming equipped with cameras, you can always shoot a video on the go and play around with it.

Maintain a Diverse Range of Backlinks

Links continue to remain an SEO highlight even in 2021. While many may doubt whether to still go backlinking, you must not undermine their importance. But, there are some mistakes that people make with their link building strategy.

For one thing, they may put too much emphasis on securing links from only high-ranking sites. The truth is if you have not a single link coming from an average site – that could be a potential red flag. A squeaky clean site with too good of a backlink portfolio also looks fishy.

Therefore, you must maintain a diverse portfolio of links that takes into account both small bloggers as well as some high-quality sites. Both of them have different kinds of link juices to offer.

Never, Ever Overlook Technical SEO

Technical SEO is of immense importance in the absence of which all your other efforts will be of no use. Here are a few things you can do to take care of the technical health of your site’s SEO:

  • Make sure that your site loads only HTTPS to ensure the safety of data and information
  • Enable your site for AMP pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages differ from the mobile-version in that the former removes all the embellishments and loads only the most important parts by caching the site from the Google AMP cache.
  • Use a crawling software like Botify or deep crawl so Google and index your pages quickly.
  • Find all the ‘404 page not found’ errors and fix them.

Bottom Line

Make sure that you continue to implement all these in 2021 if you want to have a promising optimization year.