YMCA Of Greater Houston Partners With GetSetUp To Provide Enrichment Classes To Older Adults  

The live, interactive educational platform is designed to elevate equity through obtaining new skills, prevent loneliness, combat social isolation and create opportunities

The YMCA of Greater Houston proudly announces its partnership with GetSetUp, a social and learning community designed for individuals over 50, with classes led by experts available around-the-clock on every topic. The live, interactive educational platform promotes lifelong learning and will focus on supporting older adults to drive digital adoption while increasing member engagement through small, intimate classes.

“Through the GetSetUp partnership, the Y is one step closer to closing learning gaps, promoting equity and preventing social isolation,” said Stephen Ives, president and CEO, the YMCA of Greater Houston. “By enabling the creation of instructional content with easy step-by-step demonstration, we can help members learn new skills and unlock new life experiences. When individuals attain the ability to master new technology, they open themselves to staying healthy, active and connected – which has always been part of the Y’s mission.”

“We built GetSetUp to be a powerful community-based platform that could help older adults learn anything,” said Lawrence Kosick, co-founder of GetSetUp. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Y of Houston because our missions are so aligned. Together we’re able to extend the Y’s services to help older adults learn, connect, and live healthier lives.”

The GetSetUp platform offers 350 classes on subjects such as: digital communication, creativity, financial planning, health and wellness, hiring and jobs, social hours, technology and so much more. In addition, the classes are intimate and sociable in nature, perfect for asking questions, live, interactive, and best of all fun and engaging. A sample of classes includes: Understanding and Using Apple iCloud, Introduction to Instagram, iPhone Basics – All you Need to Know, Email Scams and How To Recognize Them, Morning Fitness – Balance & Flexibility, and more. The easy-to-navigate and collaborative interface will assist older adults in leveraging technology to the fullest, while creating an impact through the acquisition of new skills and building technological independence with thousands of opportunities to make new lasting connections.

Introduced last year as a new era of programming, the Y’s ForeverWell offers a variety of opportunities for adults age 55 and better to stay active, engaged and connected with others. The program includes in-person and virtual HTX+ group exercises with activities such as such as yoga, low impact, water exercise and more. ForeverWell also features learning opportunities, future social events and more in efforts to help alleviate heightened social isolation. The Y is committed to safety and ensuring that Houston’s most vulnerable population is able to stay connected whether in-person or virtual. GetSetUp has been carefully added to continue encouraging older adults the opportunity to be well forever

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the YMCA of Greater Houston was the first to innovate and offer GetSetUp to help the well-being of 1.5 million Houstonians over 50,” said John Cardone, Executive Vice President Brand Experience, YMCA of Greater Houston. “As early adopters, we are consistently identifying means and partnerships so that we can provide solutions for individuals who depend on the YMCA the most. The partnership with GetSetUp is an example of our most recent commitment to individuals over 50 who might be suffering from loneliness, depression and sadness as we enter the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as those looking for new experiences to revitalize their lives and engage with others.”

The YMCA of Greater Houston has a strong history of supporting communities and responding to critical needs for older adults. At the height of the pandemic, the Y’s board members conducted 11,692 well-being calls to check in on seniors by providing words of encouragement to prevent social isolation. Additionally, the YMCA coordinated more than 5,000 comfort greeting cards to be delivered to older adults. The Y also collaborated with organizations such as Interfaith Ministries to deliver critical supplies to older adults who were unable to leave their houses. As a result of the Y’s ongoing and impactful community work, the organization received an $18 million gift from MacKenzie Scott, allowing the Y to continue the work of being more than a place. The gift was a great launching pad, but community need is still great. Despite current challenges, the Y is committed to addressing critical needs, but they can’t do it without the community’s help.

For more information about the YMCA of Greater Houston’s partnership with GetSetUp or ways to get involved, please visit https://www.getsetup.io/partner/ymcahouston, and follow the organization on Facebook @YMCAHouston and Instagram @YMCAHouston.