Spring Cleaning Your Roof


A close-up on a roof problem area covered with asphalt roof shingles and irregular shape window on the wall of the house construction.

The warmer Spring season is often associated with removing unwanted clutter that has been collected over the year and deep cleaning your home from top to bottom to rid of dust bunnies. Spring cleaning is a longtime tradition that was started to remove the settled dust and stagnant air that happens when your home is closed off to stay heated during the winter months.

While many people are busy cleaning the inside of their home, they tend to neglect the outside of their home – their roofs, in particular. Yes, roofs need a good spring cleaning, too. Roof maintenance ensures you are getting the most out of your roof and its long lifespan, so it’s important that you are giving it the attention it needs to preserve its quality and prevent you from having to fork over more money than you need to.

Clean Off Your Roof

This goes without saying, but roofs collect a lot of dirt and debris and need a good rinsing from time to time. There are specific cleaning agents made for cleaning off your roof, but just plain water can help a lot. Be sure to stay clear from bleach, as it can damage and discolor the roofing materials. A simple garden hose will usually do the trick without adding too much pressure or damaging anything.

Clear Out The Gutters

Gutters are commonly overlooked and can cause some serious damage to your roof if you aren’t looking after them. Over the winter months, snow and hard freezes can cause twigs and leaves to become backed up in your gutter, preventing spring showers from being washed away properly. This could lead to leaks in your roof or damage to the shingles that meet up with the gutter. Take the time to call a professional to clear out your gutters and assess any repairs to ensure your gutters are doing their job and preserving your roof.

Trim Your Trees

When Spring arrives, flowers, grass and trees are sure to grow. Trees that are planted near your home allow for shade, but as their branches extend, they can be detrimental to your roof. Get the branches trimmed each year to prevent them from falling onto your roof or scratching and damaging the shingles.

Winter can be a harsh time for roofs, and it usually becomes more noticeable each year. It is important to note any damages you may spot, such as broken shingles or leaks, so that they can get repaired or replaced without creating more damage. Adding your roof to your list of spring cleanings can ensure the quality and lifespan of your roof.

Should you need any help repairing or replacing anything, our professional contractors at Cox Brothers Roofing have you covered. We specialize in roof repairs and replacements and can even install or repair gutters that will have your roof ready for whatever weather there is to come.