Fantastic Ways to Save Money When Remodeling Your Home

There are times when all we need to do at home is a little maintenance. Perhaps the faucet is dripping or a washing machine needs replacing. When the issues mount up, however, it could be time for some renovation work. Perhaps it would be easier to gut the rooms and start over; then everything could be customised and fit for purpose.

Anyone who has remodeled their home will know that it’s an expensive business. Unexpected issues may arise when walls are peeled back or floorboards lifted. There could be wiring issues or the need for new plumbing. For this reason, people are always advised to budget 10% higher than they expect. Fortunately, there are strategies people can use to help bring the costs down, and we’ll take a look at them now.

Check For Online Discounts

If an internet company has no showrooms, they will save on such things as premises bills and staff salaries. This means that you could get a cheaper product by buying it straight from the manufacturer. You can often access a host of different information (including photos) from these sites before you purchase.

Many online companies offer bargains to entice new customers. A visit to the Swagbucks shopping website reflects the fact that people want to access promo codes or to receive cashback. Folk like to receive birthday discounts or to have their prices matched with other companies. They also look for members’ rewards and free shipping offers.

Think Long Term

Whether it’s a door handle or an oven, there will be a price range to choose between. Whilst it may save money buying cheaper items in the short term, you could lose out further down the road. People usually get what they pay for, so the medium to higher range products should be more enduring.

Your old fridges and washing machines may still be working okay. Whilst it will cost you to buy new ones, they will be more economical over time. It’s possible to buy shower heads that are designed to reduce water use. Dual flush toilets are another innovation that can reduce your utility bills. If your windows and doors are quality items, they will also pay dividends over time: you’ll experience lower heating bills without having broken seals and warm air escaping.

Choose The Right Time 

If your renovation occurs during a peak period, both the contractors and suppliers will be busy with construction work. The deliveries could be slow, and there’ll be no pressure on anyone to drop their prices to attract customers.

Why not wait for the American holiday season or Black Friday before you purchase? Don’t choose a time when the kids are back at school because that’s when everyone gets busy with their renovations.

If you don’t have all the money you need, be prepared to take your time. Don’t rush to get a personal loan or credit card. If you have two bathrooms, work on just one and you’ll still have somewhere to wash.

Get Several Quotes

Don’t go for the first contractor that you encounter. Busy builders may provide an expensive estimate because they have nothing to lose. Just because someone comes to your house it doesn’t mean you are obligated to employ them. If someone is free to start immediately, this should ring warning bells. Quality workmen will always be in demand, so don’t choose unwisely and rush things.

If you visit a showroom, get quotes but insist on going elsewhere as well. You may make a big saving with another company, and even small gains would be a plus.

Do What You Can

Most people would be advised to not play around with their home wiring or plumbing. Having said that, there may be jobs that can be done to reduce costs. It may be that you can remove your old kitchen units before the fitter arrives. Make sure you have help if anything is a two person job. If you’re unsure what to do, speak to any friends who will know. Perhaps they will be willing to help you.

It may be that you can take the old stuff to the tip using your car. Alternatively rent a van for this purpose, and also to collect new materials from the supplier. Any time you spend doing this is time you won’t have to pay someone else.

Pick Peoples’ Brains

They say that knowledge is power. If you get advice from people who know about renovations, it could save you money. If you have friends who have had a room renovated – or are electricians, builders or plumbers – ask them to come round and suggest your best course of action.

It may be that you will need to pay for this advice. Some architects are happy to provide a one-off consultation rather than overseeing the entire process. Perhaps there are ways you can cut expenses and maximize the space. There may be ways to do things quicker and reduce labor costs. A professional will know that when you choose a room’s dimensions, it’s best to let it be compatible with the wood, door and window sizes to make life easier.

Maximize Space, Don’t Extend

There may be a cheaper option than knocking down walls to make a room bigger. Perhaps there have been ill fitting units in the past, and unused wall space. If you gut the room you will have a blank canvas. Use corner units if they will help, and install wall cabinets and shelves.

Some people use corner baths to make the most of limited space in their bathrooms. They can be stylish to look at. Alternatively, replace the bath with a shower unit to free up the floor space.

This will have given you a taster of the different ways you can save money. Added to that is the option to use light tubes rather than installing extra windows. Why not upcycle your furniture by repainting it or reupholstering? The list goes on. When you remodel your home and save money, there is a double satisfaction that makes the effort worthwhile.