Maximize Internet Connections For Faster Streaming

Have you ever experienced that awful and shocking moment when abruptly the clear video you were watching in real-time transformed into a pixelated wreck, leaving you to think about what went wrong? I had to experience this a couple of times before, I considered investigating it to discover why this continued to occur? I had picked an internet service with the best reviews, and to be honest, I had never experienced any issues until I began using Netflix.

So, after I had attempted each stratagem that I thought deserved a shot, I called up AT&T internet which was my provider at the time. Only to have my doubt confirmed that I had excessively low download speed to stream. Along these lines, I moved up to a higher package and lived cheerfully ever after.

However, while I was exploring, I discovered that a few elements influence the download speed of your network, and not every person needs an upgraded internet plan. In due course, something as simple as moving your router to an alternate area may do the trick. So, you should feel free to discover how you can enhance your internet connection for faster streaming.


To begin with, let us see what is transfer/download speed? And why it influences your streaming experience? So, in simple words, the speed at which information is being communicated from your cell phone/tablet/PC to Netflix and the other way around is known as the transfer speed. Thus, the amount of transmission capacity you get from your internet service dictates the rate at which you can get to websites or watch continuous recordings. In this way, the higher the transmission capacity, the better your online experience.

Speed Requirement

The download speeds given by all the internet service providers (ISPs) are estimated in Mbps (Megabits per Second), which is the speed through which information is sent to and from your PC. Try not to mistake it for MBs (Megabytes), which is the proportion of the size of a file or other information being downloaded over the web.

Practically all web-based streaming services have speed prerequisites for their administrations to run easily. In this case, we will look at the speeds recommended by Netflix, as it is the most well-known real-time streaming service out there. This is only a guideline, so it is suggested you confirm these with the relevant and applicable web-based service before subscribing.

Additionally, note that the following table shows the speeds required for a solitary stream. Consequently, if there are different users in the house, you will have to adjust the figure to the number of streams that will be running simultaneously.

Download Speed  Recommended ForQuality
3 Mbps  Standard Definition480p
5 Mbps  High Definition1080p
25 Mbps  Ultra High Definition2160p

Speed Check

Since you understand what speed rates are needed for the kind of videos you need to stream, how about we discover what is your internet connection’s speed? A few online tools let you check your internet speed precisely. The process is simple, run a Google search and use the speed checker with the best reviews. When you have chosen the speed test, you simply have to open the tool and click the start button. Your speed test will consequently give you the present speed of your network.

A few tests will give you extensive information or data like download speed, upload speed, ping, etc. In any case, on the off chance that you do not transfer a lot and are not a very remarkable gamer, download speed is all you require to stress over. An overall dependable guideline is that the above-mentioned three items should be stable throughout the day.

Improve Speed

Right, since you understand what speed you are accepting and, it appears to not be sufficient for you to stream away without the disappointing buffering that never seems to end. We should see approaches to improve your web speed so you are not left begrudging your buddies with rapid internet services who do not comprehend the battles of a person stuck in the “buffer” zone.

Password protection:

All routers nowadays accompany a WPA2 security convention, which implies that you have the alternative to make your web connection secret. Password protection keeps you safe, protects you from outsiders getting to your connection just because they are in the range of your Wi-Fi router. Or else, you will continue to confront diminished web speed and continue to accuse your ISP unconsciously.

Router Location:

This is one of the easiest yet powerful approaches to improve your network speed. The ideal spot for your router is to be somewhere in the focal point of the house so it can communicate with every device in the house. Disturbances like walls, cabinets, etc. result in decreased speed. So on the off chance that you have your switch shrouded some place in a shelf, you may need to move it to someplace more open.

Ethernet Cable:

You might be familiar with Ethernet links from your office where your PCs are arranged together and access the web through LAN cables. You can utilize a similar sort of Ethernet links in your home too, to connect your switch/modem and the devices using a large portion of the juice. As talked about earlier, Wi-Fi signals are disturbed by dividers, entryways, etc. In this manner, making them prone to lower speeds than an Ethernet link. Therefore, having a couple of your devices like your smart TV, PC, etc. directly connected with the modem/switch will assist you with experiencing faster speed.

Scheduled Downloads/ Uploads:

As far as I might be concerned, the best time to plan any heavy downloads or transfers is during the evening while I rest. However, everybody is different, so if you would prefer not to plan anything for the evening, observe a period of least web action in your home and create a timetable accordingly. This way you can make the most of your internet connection for watching videos, making downloads, and so forth, without draining your web speed.

Contact Your ISP:

In some cases, ISPs will advertise a certain speed but you will seldom get it. So have a go at running a speed test at various times for a couple of days to check whether you are paying for a much higher speed than you’re getting. If yes, then that might be the ideal time for you to call up your ISP and talk about this with them. If they don’t offer clarification or compensation, then it might be time to change to a superior ISP.

I was fortunate that I set everything straight with my ISP and I hope you do too. I hope the above tips will assist you with making the most of your movies and shows with no interference.