5 Places to Buy Kratom with Bitcoin

Relieve muscle pain and enhance your mood by making a purchase at the best place to buy kratom. As kratom use grows in popularity and government regulators begin to take notice, getting your hands on some kratom powder or capsules has become increasingly difficult and a little riskier. Many consumers now buy kratom with bitcoin to maintain anonymity.

But where are the best places to buy kratom with bitcoin? When an industry operates within a legal gray zone, you’ll find many unscrupulous companies that offer subpar products and take advantage of naive consumers. Therefore, you have to maintain caution when shopping for kratom online. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled the definitive list of the most trustworthy vendors who accept bitcoins and other prominent cryptocurrencies. You can read the guides here for buying crypto in US.

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom might be the best place to buy kratom with bitcoin. As the first company to meet the good manufacturing practice (GMP) requirements of the American Kratom Association (AKA), Kraken Kratom represents an online kratom retailer that you can trust. Plus, Kraken Kratom donates a portion of the proceeds from every sale to several worthy causes.


Kraken Kratom offers an assortment of high-quality, kratom products including:

●     Kratom powder (red, white, and yellow vein) from Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia

●     Kratom extract (powder and liquid)

●     Kratom leaves (crushed)

●     Kratom capsules and tablets

Free Shipping

Consumers can avail themselves of Kraken Kratom’s free shipping policy. All orders placed in the United States before 2:00 p.m. (PT) will receive free, same-day, USPS First Class shipping. On orders over $200, Kraken Kratom will ship to you for free via same-day USPS Priority Mail.

A Good Cause

One of the things that makes Kraken Kratom the best place to buy kratom with bitcoin is their philanthropy. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes to several charities, including Black Lives Matter PDX, Don’t Shoot PDX, Outside-In, The Pixie Project, Niños del Sol, KIVA, Dads4Life, and others.

 The Golden Monk

The Golden Monk, another member of the AKA’s GMP Standards Program, offers some of the same products as Kraken Kratom. However, you won’t find kratom extract, leaves, or tablets. Instead, they offer kratom powder and capsules. They also provide a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and a customer loyalty program.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you feel dissatisfied with your kratom purchase, you can request a refund on The Golden Monk’s contact page within 30 days. Usually, you have to first return the product after receiving a label to print out. While this does not represent the best return policy, the ability to get your money back makes The Golden Monk a strong contender for the best place to buy kratom.

Customer Loyalty Program

The Golden Monk offers its return customers a loyalty program that rewards purchasers with $1 of store credit for every $10 spent. Over time, it can add up to a free kilo of kratom or more.

Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals markets their kratom as 100% organic. Harvested by hand in Colorado and Indonesia, the kratom sold on their website undergoes thorough lab testing. They make sure your kratom is free from disease, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.


While Kats Botanicals does not supply the wide range of products that Kraken Kratom and The Golden Monk do, they may have the largest selection of kratom powder and capsules. At Kats Botanicals, you can buy:

●     Maeng da kratom

●     Bali kratom

●     Red vein kratom

●     White vein kratom

●     Green vein kratom

●     Yellow vein kratom

●     Special blend kratom

Community Outreach

Kats Botanicals actively engages the kratom community. They maintain a closed Facebook group to offer support, answer questions, and get the community involved in the kratom movement. They also offer a free kratom guidebook with dozens of articles that cover everything kratom-related.

Krypto Kratom

Spend all of your cryptocurrency on kratom powder and capsules at Krypto Kratom. This company provides 11 different types of kratom powder, each of which can also be purchased in capsule form. And, Krypto Kratom accepts the most forms of payment out of any kratom vendor on this list. You can pay with:

●     PayPal

●     Venmo

●     Google Pay

●     BEAM

●     Bitcoin (BTC)

●     Ethereum (ETH)

●     Electroneum (ETN)

●     Litecoin (LTC)

●     USDCoin (USDC)

●     ZCash (ZEC)

●     And more!

Krypto Kratom also offers a rewarding customer loyalty program similar to that of The Golden Monk. After you spend $100 at their online store, they’ll give you $10 off your next purchase. Also, anyone who makes a purchase in cryptocurrency will receive a 10% discount. That might make Krypto Kratom the best place to buy kratom with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Top Extracts

Pick up some kratom powder, capsules, extract tablets, and liquid extract at Top Extracts. One of the prime features about the Top Extracts website is that you can browse their kratom products based on the effect they produce. You can head straight for the kratom strains that help with energy, calming, focus, and rest.

Businesses with an interest in selling kratom products can enroll in Top Extracts’ retailer program and purchase branded kratom at wholesale prices. If you want to create your own kratom brand, you can take part in Top Extracts’ white label program and purchase kratom in bulk. Both options represent a winning strategy for all participants.

Final Thoughts About Purchasing Kratom Online

All of the online kratom retailers listed here represent well-vetted companies with a proven track record of delivering authentic, high-quality kratom. If you decide to look elsewhere, please make sure you perform plenty of research and choose a company that has already received hundreds, if not thousands, of positive online reviews.

When you ingest kratom, you are putting your trust in a company to provide a healthy, herbal remedy that isn’t heavily regulated by authorities. And, of course, before you purchase kratom, make sure it’s legal in your home state.