How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party in Katy, Texas

Here in Katy, couples find many reasons to raise a family here. School systems promise to help their students “to live an honorable, fulfilling life.” The city takes great measures to ensure it’s kept clean and litter-free for its residents. Community events are frequent and fun to foster interpersonal involvement and strengthen a sense of neighborly belonging. While heritage is cherished, innovation and new ideas are still embraced to continue its growth and vibrancy. And, in 2019, Katy was recognized as one of the top Houston suburbs. 

And while expecting couples will have plenty to learn and decide – from choosing school districts to which family-friendly neighborhood is best (Seven Meadow Homes and Willow Creek Farms, to name a few) – you’ll find the very best available to raise children in this family-friendly city.  

As families grow and flourish here, gender reveal parties are a great way to celebrate that. In this thriving town, children are a welcome joy to the already thriving community created by the families that live here. Families can remember to pause from the planning and logistics, and remember to celebrate the pregnancy, the families, and the unborn guest of honor.

First, when planning a gender reveal party: where to host? If you’re considering a larger space for a high guest count, an outdoor venue like Smith Ranch, with a gazebo overlooking the scenic lakeview, makes for a great photo opp for the couple as they drop the big reveal. Agave Estates offers a unique setting, complete with a greenery-lined pool, creating a beautiful backdrop for photos. For a more casual and fellow-family-friendly outdoor experience, Thomas Park is quite popular for family gatherings. Other local outdoor spaces like Katy Heritage Park and the Katy Arboretum are available to rent. (A note if you do rent a public space: beware of confetti guns! No one wants to be held liable for that level of clean-up duty!) 

Opting for a smaller group? Nothing says sweet and intimate like gathering in your own backyard. You can still enlist the help of Katy’s small business to make your gender reveal party special and memorable. 

A popular gender reveal is having the sex results sent to a bakery, who then bakes a custom cake filled with pink or blue icing. If choosing the cake reveal, try Salt and Sugar Texas or Katy Bakery, which makes custom cakes. 

To stock up on niched party supplies both popular and affordable, check out family-owned company Gender Reveal Celebrations. With their varied product lines, customer support, and gender reveal ideas to guide you, the ways to throw a memorable party are endless. 

Mother-daughter and minority-owned business Our Kindred Candles is your go-to for gifts and for household items to create a sweet-smelling home for your house gathering. For comfort-based retail as gifts or maternity-friendly wear, Common Assembly sells a retail line of womenswear that’s ethically made and sourced (“Look good, feel good, do good” is their motto.) Share the love by giving mama-to-be comfy loungewear! 

Perhaps the best Katy-area small business to hire for your gender reveal is Photobooth Masters of Houston, a husband-wife partnered business who can set up a fun photo opp corner for your guests, be it in a large venue or the privacy of your backyard. This is a fun activity that all age groups can enjoy.

Next, for ways to treat the new mom-to-be the day of the party, the greatest gift you can offer is a chance to relax. While friends handle party setup, have her mom, a sister, or sister-in-law sweep her away for a morning of brunch (check out Sunday brunch at The Oaks, or Snooze All A.M. Eatery), a spa trip, shopping in Katy’s LaCenterra, Katy’s vibrant town-square where uptown style meets old-town charm.  

If your little girls are expecting a new brother or sister, why not treat them to a mother-daughter mani-pedi, or a fresh haircut for your boys? The day before your gender reveal, bring your girls to kid salon and spa Sweet and Sassy Katy so both of you can show off your fresh new manicure at the party the next day. Owner Esther and her staff will help you make the most memorable one-on-one time with your daughter before the new siblings arrive. Uniquely catering Katy’s little customers, Sweet and Sassy is the perfect place to remind your older children how loved and special they are.   

For the first-time parents or current parents welcoming additional children, there are many ways for couples in Katy to commemorate the life of their new little one.