Merging PDF Online: How Hard Can It Be?

Almost everything nowadays is done online, school projects and assignments, office works, etc. And those kinds of tasks have one common thing: everyone is using a PDF file format for report and production. PDF is a universal file format that you may open using any Internet browser or PDF reader program.

Now, how could this article help you? Since you are here, you might be looking at how you could merge PDF files and documents without any expense or without installing another program on your computer.

PDFBear, Free Web-tool for Merging PDF online

PDFBear has a PDF merge function as one of its tools. It is the freeware web page you are looking for; it’s simple, fast, and free. There are scenarios where you are working in a group, and you need to combine your reports, which is where PDFBear’s pdf merge tool comes in handy.

Using PDFBear as your document merger is quick and easy. All you need to do is drag and drop the PDF file on PDFBear’s website, select which option is appropriate for your report, and just wait for the web-tool to do its work.

When you upload your PDF document, the options are merge files and merge pages. The merge files option is free, and it will only let you combine different files to produce one new file. While the merge pages are for PRO accounts, you’ll have the option to link other pages from various PDF documents.

PDFBear also supports different languages, so if you are not an English speaker, you may still select the language appropriate to you and use the website comfortably. The processing speed is considerably fast, even though it depends on your PDF file size, merging a document could still be done in a minute or two.

Why choose PDFBear vs. other free web-tool?

There are many free web-based tools for PDF file processing out there, but what are the key features that make PDFBear unique? The first thing is, this web-based tool is free. If you need more functions, you have the option to upgrade your account to PRO.

PDFBear has an excellent privacy policy; personal information is essential in modern technology. There are several cases for identity theft, and PDFBear is one of the websites with a policy that will protect you from them.  It is stated on their policy that the uploaded files on PDFBear are automatically deleted after an hour.

The web-tool will let you save some of your computer or laptop’s storage capacity. Since the merging process is done online, you don’t have to download or install any software on your computer.

Lastly, PDFBear supports all operating systems and devices. It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux; PDFBear will work as long as you have an Internet connection on your device. It also applies to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, Android, or iOS.

Multifunctional tools of PDFBear

The webtool also has different tools and functions. Besides organizing your PDF document by merging, splitting, or deleting PDF files, you may again do other things on PDFBear’s website. People are blessed when you find one of these web-tool online.

One of those things is optimizing your PDF document. When you say optimize, you may compress or repair the PDF file. Compressing your file is usually done if you send emails within your company. It is commonly known that the attachments for email have a limited capacity. This tool will be handy for email tasks.

The repair PDF tool is used when you have a corrupted file or cannot be opened.  Corrupted files are usually old documents; this might be stored in your old flash drive or USB that you don’t use regularly. Other tools such as conversion, viewing and editing, and file security are also available on PDFBear. 

The viewing and editing tool is self-explanatory, but it’s still important that there are paid programs you need to install just to edit your PDF document. The conversion function will be handy if you want to convert the PDF document format to other Office formats or vice versa. And file security is essential if you’re going to sign your documents electronically.


PDFBear is a free web-based tool that will help people be more productive while saving time processing our PDF documents. Based on the format that most people are using right now, the future will most likely be still with PDF documents. And this is the time when PDFBear will be essential to everyone.