Conor V. McGlone – 5-18-49 / 1-17-21

Conor Vincent James McGlone, age 71, passed away peacefully on Sunday, January 17, 2021, at his home in Katy, TX surrounded by family.  He was born on the 18th of May in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-nine in Dublin, Ireland to James and Freida (Allen) McGlone.

Conor was one of ten children, and he grew up in a happy family.  He was educated at Christian Brothers College in Monkstown, County Dublin.  After graduating from high school, Conor had itchy feet and he wanted to travel.  He went in search of the love of his life.

He found the love of his life, Kay, in Glasgow, Scotland in 1969, a year after he arrived.  Love at first sight for Conor, not so sure about Kay’s first impression.  Luckily, for him, they were married in January 1971 and they spent a lifetime together, over 50 years.  They settled in Lanarkshire, Scotland, where they were blessed with 5 children.  (Later, their children provided them with 7 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.)  They moved back to Dublin, Ireland in 1983, where Kay and Conor opened a bakery which they ran together for 10 years. In 1993, they emigrated to America for better opportunities for themselves and their children.  They wished that they had done this much sooner in life.  Both Kay and Conor loved Texas and the United States of America.  God bless America!  

In Texas, Conor started his own stone mason company and fulfilled his passion to work with his hands to create art in stone.  He also helped his wife, Kay, establish and run the beloved Kay’s Tea Parlor in downtown Katy, TX on 2nd Street.  He was quoted in the Community Impact Newspaper, as Brian O’Leary, stating that, “He had found this place two years ago, and it’s the best food in town.” He always had a thrill for the theatric, an amazing sense of humor, and a laugh that could fill the room. 

Conor and Kay were passionate about traveling; they traveled across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.  His passion was working with his hands, spending time with his friends and family over a cup of tea, talking on the phone with those overseas, listening to his music, cooking for his family on the weekends for game night and drinks, and worshipping the sun.

He was preceded in death by his parents, father James Owen McGlone and mother Freida (Allen) McGlone, sister Freida McGlone, brother Ciarán McGlone, brother Niall McGlone, and wife Catherine “Kay” (Brown) McGlone.  He is survived by his brother Jimmy (Ann) McGlone, sister Finola (Gerald) Colley, sister Patricia (John) Shepherd, brother Cormac (Helen) McGlone, sister Finona (Brian) Dunne, brother Aidan (Irene) McGlone, sister-in-law Nancy Armitt McGlone, dear friend Nuala McGlone, daughter Angela (Jimmy) Kennedy, son Conor (Siobhán) McGlone, daughter Tara (Antron) McGlone-Schroeder, son Simon (Lauren) McGlone, and Nathan (Lourdes) McGlone.  He is survived by his 7 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren: Angela Kennedy – Tara Kennedy (Khya Kennedy, Willow Kennedy, Harlow Kennedy), Rebecca Kennedy (Cody Kennedy, Jacob Kennedy, Gracie Kennedy), Chloe Kennedy (Sunny Kennedy); Conor McGlone – Conor Plunkett (Jamie Plunkett), Massimo McGlone, Ilaria McGlone; Tara McGlone – Valerie Schroeder (D’Angelo Chavez, Luciano Chavez, GianCarlo Chavez).

The showing will be held on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 1:00pm at St. Edith Stein Catholic Church (281-492-7500) located at 3311 North Fry Road, Katy, TX 77449.  Catholic Mass will be held at 2:00pm in the same location.  There will be no reception due to COVID-19.

Please send any donations in memory of Conor V. McGlone to American Institute for Cancer Research in lieu of flowers.

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