2021 SVOD Competition is good for users: Here is why!

The dreaded 2020 is officially over, but did you really think that was it? Did you really think things would be any different based on the changing of the date? Sadly you are mistaken. As we set foot in 2021, we bring along our own baggage set, which includes SVOD streaming. 

The thought that things will be better by now regarding the pandemic is an ambitious thought, as numerous countries declare themselves covid free, some of them are under an extremely strict lockdown. And that only means one thing, unlimited access to gaming and streaming! 

If you are wondering why we are pondering over streaming so much, then head back to the beginning of the pandemic where streaming movies and TV shows during quarantine was the one thing that kept everyone sane during strict lockdowns. And so the pattern continues. 

But this time, things are getting more interesting because of various reasons, one of which is the soon to be a content war between the streaming services. 

Netflix was all set for 2020 because they had a year’s worth of content all set way back in 2019, and it was the only streaming service that was way ahead of their game content-wise. Hence, it was declared a winner of the 2020 streaming war. 

But 2020 was also the year where they had to prepare content for 2021, which did not go as planned, meaning that it will struggle in 2021. But is that it? No, we users do not have to worry about it much because there are plenty of fish in the sea. 

As of now, there are almost 6 top SVOD services that are leading the market, and this competition has brought upon a beneficial effect for people, which is competition amongst them. And in order to maintain their dominance, services are going in, by all means, this means either presenting cost-effective packages or launching a vast catalog, like HBO Max. 

HBO Max made it to the headlines during the end of 2020, where they openly stated that the affiliate Warner Media would simultaneously release their latest movies in cinemas and HBO Max on their respective date. And this is a win-win situation for users due to a lot of reasons. 

First comes the price; HBO Max may be slightly expensive with a $15 price tag, but comparing it to a single theater ticket, it is a bargain. And we get to see not just the new releases, but so much of original HBO content all in $15 for a month. We must say, if you are a Warner media movie fanatic like us, we will jump straight into it. 

And to top it off, HBO Max promises some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters on your screens at that price. It may seem like Warner Media is settling for less, but the truth is that this very thing will attract more users to their platform. 

Secondly, the content, as mentioned above, major SVOD are going to struggle with pre- and post-production of content, including Netflix. Even after users have acquired other means by using some of the best VPN to access restricted titles on Netflix, it’s not enough. 

Netflix is known for its original content, and if that is missing, people will shift, and they will not hesitate. Better content will attract more users, and with so many choices now, viewers are the ones in control. 

We have the leverage to shift on to our desired streaming service according to our price and content requirements. Subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you want and test out whatever service you may find attractive and comfortable on your monthly budget. 

This is the very core reason as to why we discourage yearly subscriptions. It may seem like you are saving up, but honestly, it is like a shackle that has chained you up against your will. A monthly subscription gives you the leverage to shift as you like and even save up massively because you are not paying up $60-80 in a single go. 

Nonetheless, streaming was our savior for 2020, and it will be so for 2021 as well. The only thing left for us to deal with is our choice of service according to our preference and budget.