Successful Digital Marketing Tactics Used by Top Brands – A Compilation by Michael Giannulis

In the contemporary marketing environment, no business can be successful without implementing digital marketing. The globally-connected world of today has created a situation where customers across all industries prefer to receive and act upon digital communication rather than conventional methods like print and TV advertising, even though they continue to be in use. Digital marketing has become more popular since it is easier to target the communication to specific audiences that are more likely to be receptive to such messages. In virtually every industry, digital marketing is leading the way in reaching out to potential customers, understanding their requirements, driving sales, and building long-term brand loyalty. Some of the most successful digital marketing strategies used by top brands:

Integrate SEO with Content Marketing 

Among the best ways for brands to increase their visibility is to distribute high-quality content online using a balanced mix of content types; text, audio, video, infographics, video, etc. Since there is an overload of information online, savvy marketers use SEO so that search engines discover the content more easily and use their algorithms to display the URL of the content in response to search queries by users. The quality, relevance, and frequency of posting the content act as critical inputs for the search engine to decide the rank of the URL on its search page. For content to rank high in the search engine results, it should be original, relevant, informative, entertaining, and capable of appealing to the viewer’s emotions.

Be Social, Recommends Michael Giannulis

As important as a website is, savvy marketers know that they have to stand out from the competition so that they can engage their target audiences and open up channels for conversion. Top brands have tended to establish a vibrant presence on the most popular social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. The choice of the social media platforms that you choose depends on where your target audience prefers to spend their time, which is why selecting a network based on how many users it has is not necessarily the best choice. Be on as many platforms that you can regularly post content and interact and engage your followers but first ensure that your target audience uses these networks, advises Mike Giannulis.

Optimize Your Website for Mobiles

With an increasing number of users using their smartphones not only to call and text but also to search for information and transact online, marketers must ensure that their websites, as well as e-commerce platforms, are optimized for mobiles. Adopting responsive design will enable your visitors to see web pages on their mobiles that they can easily read and initiate actions. Non-optimized websites are not user-friendly, and hence the bounce rate is very high.


While digital marketing is the marketing mantra for success, marketers need to use the entire gamut of channels available at their disposal, like PPC, SEO, social media, email, and DM. To ensure that your digital marketing campaign is on track, you need to monitor your analytics closely. While most of the social media platforms have inbuilt analytics, it can be helpful to use a third-party application that offers more sophisticated analytics reports.