All About Various Stages of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Every case is different, and also there are different types of personal injuries in which you require the help of a professional lawyer who can help you. Therefore, you must know the stages of personal injury lawsuits and why you need proper consultation with a qualified law firm like, The Barnes Firm, who can help you with your case..

So let’s see various stages of personal injury lawsuits one by one:

Stage 1: Meeting with an Attorney

You must have a good meeting and understanding with the lawyer regarding your injury case. You should give all the detailed information of that particular scene, what happened to you and how many people or what type of things were there on the location to help the lawyer proceed for the further procedure and take your case further.

Stage 2: Starting the case and Initial court papers

Once you are done choosing the best lawyer and discussing your case with, the lawyer will proceed for further documentation and explain each step and stage. Still, here you can learn the basic complaints and answers that are involved at the beginning of the lawsuit and court procedure will start.

Stage 3: Fact-Finding and Discovery

You just have to find about the ‘discovery’ procedure by which opponents in a lawsuit get information from each other to prove the facts in the case and so you should keep in mind all these things.

Stage 4: Resolution before Trial; motions

There are many types of cases resolved by motions dismissed and other motions that ask the court to cut the case off before the trial of the case In court.

Stage 5: Settlement

So in most of the personal injury cases, lawyers suggest doing a settlement with an opponent, but it is entirely dependent on you if you want to settle or not. For the more injury lawsuits, go to trial and study the basics of settlements and factors you should consider properly if you will do a settlement in the case.

Stage 6: What will happen in the trial?

The trials are just not like how it’s shown on tv shows or movies and find out what happens from the jury selection and then open the argument and witness testimony and close the arguments and jury verdict. All these things happen in a trial.

Stage 7: Collecting Money after Judgement

After the winning trial is not the final victory, collecting on a judgment often needs work and finding out what you should keep in mind whenever you are looking to manage it.

Stage 8: Appealing a Decision or Judgement

And now the decision of the court will be announced and the study of how appeals work and also including the difference between trials and appeals, what gets in a record on appeal and what happens afterwards of the case.


With the help of above information you will get an idea and stages of personal injury lawsuits and what steps that you should take if you are suffering from a personal injury and this stage is for the lawsuits and will help you properly in your case. So just consider the above stages properly and learn about your personal injury lawsuits.