Qualities to Look for in a Keyboard Amplifier

Do you often lose control over the sound produced by your keyboard? If yes, you need a keyboard amplifier. A keyboard amplifier is used to amplify a digital or an electronic keyboard without changing the keyboard’s sound. You can use it during band sessions to prevent the sound produced by your keyboard from getting drowned. You can use it with one or several keyboards. When using a keyboard amplifier with several keyboards at the same time, use a home mixer. Connect a keyboard amplifier to a power source when you want to use it and plug audio cables from your keyboards into it.

Keyboard amplifiers have large speakers and tweeters because keyboards produce very high and deep bass notes. The tweeters are for reproducing high pitches, and the large speakers are for reproducing deep bass notes. You can use a keyboard amplifier during keyboard training sessions or in a small event.

You can buy a low budget or a high-end keyboard amplifier. Low budget keyboard amplifiers do not cost a lot of money, and they only have the basic keyboard equalization controls. On the other hand, a high-end keyboard amplifier has specialized equalization controls. You can amplify channels separately when using this amplifier.

You are likely to get confused when buying a keyboard because there are many available options. However, look for the right amplifier because only good keyboard amplifiers serve their purpose. Certain factors play a great role when choosing the right keyboard amp. Here are some qualities to look for:

Good Quality Build Material

Keyboard amplifiers are made of plastic, aluminum, wood, or a combination of these materials. The sound produced by the amplifier is affected by the material used to make it. A keyboard amplifier made of good quality material is likely to produce a good sound and withstand everyday wear and tear.

The Right Wattage

The wattage of a keyboard amplifier determines the volume and the kind of sound the amplifier will produce. Every keyboard amplifier has a continuous wattage that it produces throughout the piano sessions when no peak is experienced. Also, they have the peak wattage produced during peak sessions. The peak wattage can only be produced momentarily; otherwise, the keyboard amplifier will get damaged.

Your keyboard playing environment should determine the amount of power that you need. If you are using your keyboard amplifier alone in your house, a 50-watt amplifier will be a perfect option. You will need a more powered keyboard amplifier if you need to use it in big events.

The Right Size

The available storage space and your preferences should guide you when choosing the size of a keyboard amplifier. The smallest key amplifier is an 8-inch amplifier. A big keyboard amplifier will be perfect if you want to use it at a big event.

Good Onboard Features

Look for a keyboard with several channels as you will be able to plug several electronic instruments into it. You can plug in a keyboard, a microphone, a drum machine, or an MP3 player. Mixer-like features will enable you to use the keyboard amplifier as your mixer.

Also, make sure that the keyboard amplifier has EQ controls to control the frequencies that arise when several electronic instruments are plugged into the amplifier. Modeling and voicing control features will allow you to change the overall tone produced by a particular channel when need be.


You might need to carry your keyboard amplifier when going for regular piano training sessions. This is why you need to choose a very portable keyboard amplifier. Keyboard amplifiers made using light materials, and their speakers are kept in a compact cabinet are the most portable amplifiers.


A keyboard amplifier with a 12” woofer and a 1“ tweeter will produce a balanced sound even when the frequency range is wide. A midrange horn is needed to effectively divide the sound’s spectrum making the amplifier produce a clear sound.

If you need a high powered keyboard amplifier, look for one with 15″ speakers as it will reproduce the bass notes perfectly. An amplifier with ports in the speaker cabinet will project very low tones even if they are beyond the amplifier’s range.

You are likely to get confused when choosing a keyboard amplifier because many keyboard amplifiers are being sold nowadays. This should not make you go to the nearest amplifier store and pick any keyboard amplifier as it will disappoint you. Instead, you should look for certain qualities in a keyboard amplifier and use keyboard amplifier reviews when looking for this amplifier.