How to Go Environmental: All You Need to Know About Healthy Households

2020 has been a funny year for all of us due to the coronavirus pandemic turning our lives upside down. Many of us have lost loved ones due to the evil virus, and the numbers of people who have lost their jobs are increasing every day. Non-essential goods and services have been shut down and we can no longer take part in group sports or indulge in any other hobbies that involve multiple people. Despite these enormous changes, it is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture and this means that we must all do our bit to help save the planet. As we are spending more and more time in our own homes, now is the perfect opportunity to go eco-friendly and to turn your home into an environmental haven. This requires many changes to your day-to-day life, but the satisfaction that it brings knowing that you are doing your bit to help nature restore its balance far outweighs any hardships. If you are interested in becoming more environmentally friendly, then read on as we will take a look at all you need to know.

Turn Everything Off

One of the first things that you can do that will make your home greener is to turn off all the switches. It may sound stupid, but if you went around your home right now you would probably find over a dozen plugs in their sockets that are turned on. This means that you have countless electrical items on standby all wasting power. Maybe you also have lights left on in upstairs bedrooms, or the heater is on in the bathroom despite the fact no one will be having a shower until the following morning. The lesson to be learned here is that all switches should be turned off if you are not actually using the appliance or light. Get into the habit of turning off switches as soon as you leave the room, and you will not only help the environment but will save a few pennies as well. 


Insulating is one of the best ways of helping the environment, because the better insulated your house is, the less energy you will use keeping it warm, or even cool. Your roof is where most heat will be lost from your home, but you can start insulating other less costly areas such as your windows by installing energy-efficient curtains which will help to keep the warmth in and the cold outside. Conversely, your insulation will also help keep your home cool in the summer, so for any investment you make, you will reap the benefits all year round.


Recycling has been drummed into us for years now, but it is surprising the number of people who still do not follow the guidance and recycle nothing at home. Moreover, it really doesn’t impact your day to day life negatively as all you need is separate bins for different materials, and then you are all set. You will find that there is less clutter in your home and all these green living and space saving ideas will leave you feeling smug that you have done your bit to help the environment. You will even find yourself thinking twice when you are at the supermarket and will buy products that have less packaging instead of those apples that are wrapped in a double layer of cellophane. Start recycling today, and you will be helping planet earth in the best possible way. 

Grow Your Own Veg

Growing your own produce really is wonderful for the environment and also incredibly healthy at the same time. Think about all those food miles that are clocked up when you buy tomatoes from Spain when you could just as easily be growing your own at the bottom of the garden. Ok, many of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a garden, and if this sounds like you, then think about window boxes as an alternative. Even if you are only growing a few herbs or some chillies, you will be doing your bit to help the environment, so head down to the local garden centre today and start buying some compost and plant pots.

As we have learned there are many things that you can do to live as healthily as possible and in an eco-friendly manner. Make sure you turn all switches and appliances off when you are not using them, insulate your home to cut down on energy bills, recycle everything so that less plastic ends up in the oceans, and grow your own vegetables to help cut down those food miles. If you follow this guide you will be doing your bit to help the planet and you will feel better about yourself at the same time.