Reasons Why Inspection is Essential Before Purchasing a House

Purchasing a house is one of the most exciting steps you can take in life, but it’s also quite costly and nerve-wracking. Between paying realtors, purchasing furniture, and finalizing the paperwork, you may be tempted to look for ways to cut down on the expenses associated with the process. Skipping inspection may seem like a good way to save $200 to $500, but there are a myriad of reasons why you should never do that. Here are a few reasons why inspection is essential before purchasing a house. 

It Helps you See the Full Picture

Once you make the purchase, it’ll be too late to change your mind. That means if you find significant flaws in the house, there’s nothing you can do about it except look for ways to fix the existing damage using your own pocket money. Meanwhile, carrying out a home inspection can help you avoid facing any unpleasant surprises. A quality home inspection will reveal all the necessary information about the current state of the house, giving you the full picture you need to make a sound decision. In many cases, the inspection can also be used as a contingency to back out of the deal without penalties in the case significant damages were revealed. 

It Ensures Your Safety and Protection

A quality home inspection gives you a clear idea of the property’s condition, including a detailed report about existing safety and health hazards. Most of these hazards can be present in a property without any obvious clues to their existence. So if you can see them with your naked eyes, then this usually means the problem has gotten way out of control. For instance, termites are a kind of pests that often ravage houses in Adelaide and other areas in Australia. The experts at point out that the threat these pests pose is even bigger than that of fires or floods. Since checking for signs of pest infestation is part of a full house inspection, the inspection will detect any pest infestation issues. It will also flag out other safety issues, such as air quality, water quality, and mold infestation. 

It Reveals Illegal Activities

As a regular homeowner, you wouldn’t be able to make out the altered structures in the house. However, an expert inspector will instantly point out the rooms, garage, basement, or any other house structure has been altered without a proper permit or without following the code. Not only do these altered structures pose a safety threat for the homeowner, but they also affect the overall value of the property, taxes, insurance, and usability. 

It Can Get you a Better Deal

In case you do uncover certain issues, the home inspection report can be great leverage to use for getting a better deal. You can use it to request the current owner for repairs or demand some sort of credit or a price reduction from the seller. On the other hand, the inspection report will help you estimate the costs you’ll need to endure in the case of doing the repairs yourself. If you’re unwilling to take on the hassle and costs of doing such repairs, then you’ll continue looking for other houses until you find a better deal. 

It’ll Give you an Idea About Future Costs

Everything has a shelf-life, after which it starts to malfunction or stops functioning altogether. The home inspection will approximate the date at which the major systems have been installed, giving you an idea about the remaining shelf-life you can enjoy. Knowing how much longer you can use the HVAC, plumbing, and house structure is crucial for ensuring you’re making a beneficial investment in the long run. 

You’ll Have Better Insurance Opportunities

If you’ll be looking for homeowner insurance plans to protect your new home, you want to improve your odds of getting quality insurance at a good price. However, many insurance companies will refuse to insure a house unless the house passes four-point inspections or in the case certain conditions are found. Other companies may offer insurance plans at higher costs. Getting a home inspection can then be the best way to save money and time. 

Although skipping a house inspection to save some cash can be tempting, doing so is counterproductive for many reasons. A thorough home inspection will reveal the full status of the, alerting you to any safety, health, and structural issues. Using the information you got out of the report, you’ll be able to make a smarter decision, whether it’s negotiating a better deal with the seller or looking at other properties.