Pandemic or not, Partnerships Lead to Great Homes for Children: Child Advocates and Its Partners Celebrate National Adoption Day

Fort Bend County 328th and 387th and 505th District Courts Finalize 10 Adoptions

The Honorable Judge Walter Armatys, The Honorable Brenda Mullinix, and The Honorable Judge David Perwin will finalize adoptions virtually on Friday in celebration of National Adoption Day. An additional eleven children were adopted out of the foster care system earlier this year. The Fort Bend County 328th, 387th, and 505th District Courts joined courts across the country in opening their doors on National Adoption Day to complete ten adoptions and celebrate all families who adopt.

“Our National Adoption Day celebration will start on Thursday, November 19th with a drive by celebration for the families at Child Advocates of Fort Bend’s new Davis George Campus” said Metoyer Martin, CASA program director and chair of the event. “Families will pick up adoption packets with gift bags from the national adoption day committee. On Friday morning, the adoptions will take place via ZOOM. We’ll start with a video welcome and then families will re-direct to the individual court hearings which will take place virtually through ZOOM. It is always great to see the attorneys, CPS, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers and judges all work together to finalize the adoptions and ultimately give these children safe, permanent and loving homes. It is wonderful to see them all settled in loving homes.”

Here in Fort Bend County, the District Courts, Child Advocates of Fort Bend (CAFB) and its partner agencies: Texas Department of Family Protective Services, Fort Bend Bar Association, Fort Bend County Child Welfare Board, Fort Bend County Attorney’s Office, Fort Bend Behavioral Health

Services, the Fort Bend Court Team for Maltreated Infants and Toddlers, H.E.B., Bikers Against Child Abuse and the Rosenberg Exchange Club worked together to celebrate the joys of adoption and encourage more families and individuals to give children permanent homes through adoption.