Turntable and Vinyl: Are They Still Worth Buying?

Vinyls are more popular now than they have been for nearly thirty years and have developed a cult following. Our titular question, are vinyls still worth buying, can be answered with one word: yes! However, it is, of course, worth considering whether vinyl is for you or not, even if it is this author’s opinion that they are, for a music lover, a far superior way to listen to music, and if you do it the right way, they offer a much higher quality than can be achieved with a CD-player or on a Bluetooth speaker.

In this article, we will hope to offer you some advantages and disadvantages so you can establish whether it’s worth buying vinyl records or not, and we will explain to you everything that goes along with vinyl ownership so you can make an informed decision. It is worth mentioning, vinyl players and records are a wonderful investment. Investing in vinyl records can yield huge profits. Some original Beatles LPs have sold for thousands [and continue to do so regularly].

The Advantages


Even if you were only born after the millennia, record players can give you a sense of nostalgia. This nostalgia, according to the record specialists of toprecordplayers.com, can transport you back to a bygone era. Using your vinyl player can become a ritual almost. A tumbler of brown liquor, your leather chair, and your record player. You’ll feel like you have stepped into Doctor Who’s Tardis and have been taken back half a century to simpler times.

Superior Sound Quality

The quality that is offered by modern vinyl players is far superior to most speakers and stereos that play Bluetooth or are connected by auxiliary cables. The sound quality offered by record players is very deep and intimate and can make listening to your music much more enjoyable. The quality of the sound of the music that we listen to is just as important as the music itself, so why settle for less by listening to less superior sound devices. You should opt for modern record players, as older record players can have inferior sound quality.


Listening to records, collecting records, and storing them can become a hobby. If you, like me, are a tad obsessive-compulsive, then you will have a lot of fun alphabetically categorizing your records, stacking them up, and playing them. It is a hobby that can be a lot of fun and can give you something to do on long evenings.


The disadvantages of opting for vinyl are many, but for those who love vinyl players, are insignificant. It really does just come down to passion, for while practically speaking they can be a headache, they give an experience that is unlike any other. Let’s get into a few of the disadvantages, shall we?


Record players and turntables will at the very least set you back a few hundred dollars and, in some cases, can cost thousands. The records themselves can be picked up at a very low price, although some go for much higher. Generally, a record store will sell vinyl records for between ten to twenty dollars. The cost to vinyl hobbyists can be huge, and over a year you can expect to pay upwards of a few hundred dollars just on maintenance and records.


As previously mentioned, practically speaking, records are a headache. But it is not their practicality that draws in customers, and rather, it is the experience that they offer; the nostalgia. They can be very laborious to maintain [record players], for they need cleaning, maintenance, and stylus adjustment. When you are playing a record, you cannot sit down and relax, for you need to be quick to flip it when the record ends, lest the record become damaged [but that’s part of the experience. Who doesn’t like swaying to the music with a tumbler of whiskey in their hand?] However, they can’t be that inconvenient, for there is a massive resurgence in their use.


Record players can take up a lot of space, admittedly. A stack of records can quickly form [again, it’s all part of the fun], and a corner of your room can quickly look like a record store. The amplifiers, speakers, and turntable will have to have its own dedicated corner too so you can prevent it from becoming damaged.

With the help of this page, you now know a few advantages and disadvantages of buying a record player. As was mentioned previously, in this author’s opinion, yes, it is certainly worth buying them. They are a far superior method of listening to music than is available anywhere else.